Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Guadalajara Mercado San Juan de Dios

February 2016 - Guadalajara Mexico

When we were here last month we walked around the market area but realized after we had missed the main event.

Mercado Libertad, better known as Mercado San Juan de Dios (San Juan de Dios Market). It is the largest indoor market in Latin America with an area of 40,000 m².

The market has three levels and two parking lots.

The market was inaugurated on December 30, 1958 and was designed by the architect Alejandro Zohn.

There are approximately two thousand nine hundred eighty posts in the market, selling clothing, eyeglasses, shoes, movies, video games, CDs, electrical goods, and many other types of items. The lower level includes stands selling typical foods of Guadalajara, such as tortas ahogadas (sandwiches 'drowned' in sauce), perhaps the most typical dish from Jalisco, as well as tacos, pozole, and other food.

The first level has a section that includes stalls selling typical groceries and sweets as well as an area of stalls selling crafts. The second level includes small restaurants and food stalls selling typical Mexican dishes. The third level, the most recent addition, includes stalls selling imported goods, clothes, electronics, music, movies, computer equipment, paint, shoes, etc.

The restaurants have comfortable seating areas.

This section is devoted to watch bands, rows and rows of them.

Souvenir section

My favourite, the food section.

Couldn't help but think of the cow - from meat to leather.


Always an altar with Out Lady of Guadalupe.

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  1. Nice sharing, glad to read this, thank you!

  2. Love, simply love, these markets and they are usually the first thing we seek out on our travels. This one looks fabulous - thanks for the tour, Jackie!

  3. I can see that place being a huge draw.

  4. I still have not made it to Guadalajara. I cry a little bit inside every time I see super economical fares from Los Angeles. If I go, the market is going to be my first stop. I love markets and Mexican markets are among my favorites.

  5. Thanks for the tour! That is an amazing array of goods. Do you buy food and cook while you are there? All the fresh food intrigues me.

  6. Lots of color and activity! I love those tables and chairs in the restaurant. Thanks for sharing, and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  7. To market, to market to buy a new .... shoe? I love it!

  8. Whoa! That is one monster of a market! I think I'd get exhausted quickly and spend most of the time checking out the restaurants!

  9. I love those markets - the animal heads tho...

  10. Wonderful. It reminds me of a giant market I visited in Bangkok. Guadalajara is full of treasures.

  11. Great shots of this lively market!
    Thanks for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme, hope to see you again there this week!


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