Sunday, February 14, 2016

Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta Monday Walk Down Memory Lane

February 2016 - Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta

Today, February 15, we are mainly in transit from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta by bus, the best way to get around Mexico.

We haven't been in PV since 1994, almost 22 years ago so I am sure we are in for some surprises. We picked PV as the last month of our winter sojourn, partly for sentimental reasons as well as an easy place to rent a condo for a month and for the sunshine. I anticipate we will do some day trips from there as well.

John and I first went to PV together in 1982 and bought our first time share, a purchase we have never regretted and have bought several others as well. But that one with that company continues to be our favourite and has brought us many amazing memories.

Between 1982 and 1994 we made many trips to PV, mostly on our own and some with family and friends.

Speaking of memories, we were chatting at dinner the other night reminiscing about taking my parents to Mexico on their one and only trip to this country in December 1987, a week after our wedding. We had planned the trip well in advance of even contemplating a wedding.

As part of that trip down memory lane and in anticipation of our PV visit here are some photos from 1987.
Over the next few weeks I plan on posting more photos from those glory years from 82 to 94.

A little cold??

Vallarta Torre, our first timeshare purchase.

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