Monday, November 2, 2015

October Scavenger Hunt

October 2015 - mostly in Palm Springs CA

I tried to find photos from our two weeks in Palm Springs for October's hunt. But I did have to go into my archives for a couple of challenges.

What have you found this month?
October's List

Highway 10 near Palm Springs

Ice cream art in a gallery on El Paseo PS

The sign for 29 Palms, a town near Joshua Tree Park.

This was tough. But I took this photo at the La Quinta Historical Museum and I feel that the wood underneath the straw is a lattice.

 Lucy is familiar to everyone.  And this statue is very familiar to us, we have been to Palm Springs many times and always make sure we drop by to see her.


I chose last night's sunset from our condo in Toronto.

Waiting for these guys to stop looking DOWN at Living Desert.

Writing on the walls at La Quinta Historical Museum.

College of the Desert street fair

I had to go to my archives (June 2015) for this. A photo taken immediately after my camera hit the ceramic floor in our kitchen. The glass on the lens smashed into a million pieces but only one shard actually fell out hence the blur on the right.
I since had it mended.

Whatever you want
We took part in a photo shoot this week for a friend's photography website. Vintinner Photography

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  1. You have taken some great photos for October's topics. I've enjoyed looking at them all. Lovely to see the museum photos and the zebra and your wonderful sunset:)

  2. You did a great job with the hunt, Jackie. BUT I'm saddened by your shattered lens!!

  3. How very sad about the camera. Maybe you can pass it off as a new "effect"? ;-)
    Love the big variety of things you've shown here!

  4. Enjoyed the visit to Palm Springs through your colourful photos :) I guess that photo effect could be called broken bokeh ;) Glad you were able to get your camera fixed...that must have been a horrible shock when it fell. Here it is November already, so on to the next list!

  5. Love the last shot as well as the Zebras, Lucy and the Today shot.

  6. It's brilliant seeing a new to me part of the world through your eyes and your lovely pics - that street fair looked amazing and the zebras are great and the sunset .. and Lucy is smashing - what a great statue.

  7. The peonies are lovely despite the blur which I hadn't previously noticed! Glad to hear your camera was repairable.
    What a lovely shot of you and your husband at the water's edge.

  8. I enjoyed your photos, Jackie! The ones of Palm Springs. 29 Palms, and Joshua Tree brought back many wonderful memories. I really liked that last photos of you and your husband. Loved the composition and the mystery! The stripes on the zebras are mesmerizing. Lattice was tough for me too! But I definitely think that your interpretation counts! Happy hunting in November!


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