Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bench Series

For the month of November looking for a bench with either a message OR an Autumnal theme.
Bench Series #44 and it's my first time playing.

Taken in Palm Desert Civic Park. October 2015 - Palm Springs CA

I have no idea who this is dedicated to, I googled it without any luck. I'm guessing it is a bench memorial for someone who loved golf, the premier sport in the Palm Springs area.

Taken last summer along Lake Ontario, Toronto where we live.

Frankfurt Germany September 2015

The left side says "rest von Europa"  and the photo has a BENCH that says Europeans only.
The right says "nur fur schrweizer". I can see a child, two women and another BENCH.


  1. The last bench is weird... I prefer the dragon boat team bench.

  2. The Frankfurt bench is an odd one, some kind of take on the apartheid benches from South Africa, where whites had their own benches (and everything else). So the nice clean side is only for the Swiss, whereas the broken side is for the rest of Europe. A political message there I think!

  3. Cool! I like the Wild Women bench!