Saturday, November 21, 2015

Allan Gardens Toronto

November 2015 - Toronto ON

It's amazing when you retire and have the time to see your town's sights during the week. When you are working you end up spending weekends doing chores.

Another spot we had never been to is Allan Gardens, we rectified this last week. 

Allan Gardens (founded in 1858) is one of the oldest parks in Toronto. It has a conservatory (greenhouse), a playground and two fenced off-leash areas for dogs. It is open every day of the year and is free.

On the first weekend in November, the Fall Show features over 75 varieties of chrysanthemums.

I could go on showing more mum photos!! But I'll spare you.

Rare tropical plants from all over the globe are nurtured inside five greenhouses covering 16,000 square feet. 

The southern “Tropical House” has a waterwheel and tropical plants like orchids and bromeliads. The “Cool House” has a waterfall, Kashmirian Cypress, small pond and citrus trees. 

The central Palm House houses tall bananas, bamboo and a huge Screw Pine. Another tropical house has many kinds of hibiscus, datura and a cycad. 

The Cactus House has a wide variety of cacti and succulents.

Back outside before we continue our tour.

More inside.

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  1. Wonderful place! I enjoyed all your photos. Beautiful variety of flowers.

  2. I love to visit conservatories, I've posted on a few. When I lived in "snow country", Ohio, I especially enjoyed the indoor flowers that healed my soul during the winter. The mums are fantastic!

  3. It is great to go there in winter when there is snow outside!

  4. Oh my! I think you could have done a whole post just on mums!

  5. What a beautiful space! Mums make for a great theme in November. That's an old garden! We like to think the Missouri Botanical Garden was established early, but this one is a year older than ours!

  6. What a beautiful place to visit. The flowers and plants are spectacular.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, Jackie! And the turtles are a delightful plus! Warm greetings from Montreal! :)

  8. What lovely flowers... and the turtles do surprise me! I think my mother mentioned this place at some point.

  9. What a great place, and what a haven those conservatoriums would be in your Toronto winters! Those chrysanthemums are amazing- such variety in colour and texture and form.

  10. What a glory of flowers, Jackie! My stepdad used to grow chrysanths and I was never a fan back then but tastes change, don't they? :) The 'flower lady' reminds me of a visit to Cypressa Gardens in Florida many long years ago. Thanks a lot for the link!

  11. What a lovely sea of brightly coloured flowers! There is nothing like the warmth of a glasshouse on a cold day :)


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