Saturday, September 24, 2011

Recipes To Try

Oven fried onion rings

Blueberry cream cheese muffins UPDATE made these last week and have a post with the outcome and recipe.

Wienershcnitzel - had this in Russia and really enjoyed it.

Buffalo chicken wraps because I am always looking for chicken recipes.

Sweet potato brownies great way to use them up and uses a lot less sugar.

Homemade taco seasoning something I've always wanted to make as I don't like store bought mixes and this is from Kevin  from Closet Cooking a Toronto guy and one of the first food blogs I followed.

Easy chicken Cordon Bleu

Grown up chicken fingers from Mitzi'sa Winnipeg Chinese restaurant. Featured in Saveur's magazine no less.


  1. that onion ring recipe sounds yummy, may try that,


  2. I agree with Gill -- those onion rings look delish and I am always looking for things to make in the oven using less oil -- I will probably try them, thanks for the recipe!


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