Saturday, March 4, 2023

Lost Coffee

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March 2023 - Toronto ON

Richmond St. Toronto ON

Saturday we needed to get laundry done. We also emptied most of the kitchen, the contents are scattered around the place, on the dining room table, in the pantry, in the spare room and shoved into other various nooks and crannies. 

Sunday we went to buy the kitchen faucet for the remodel. I also wanted it to have a soap dispenser (so tired of the ugly bottle on the counter). 

We stopped into Bed Bath and Beyond as they are closing their Canadian stores, what a rip-off, the best they were offering was 10% off.

Monday Mural from Hamilton.

Monday we finished off emptying kitchen and contractor came around 10:15, Goran arrived around 10:45 to assist. All the doors and drawers were removed. Microwave was moved to living room. Goran had been one of the installers when we had our floors done.

A couple of items were missing from my project plan, prepare sandwiches for lunches ahead of time and take out wet wipes/hand sanitizer for the kitchen, disposable cooking pans.

They forecasted a storm and it started around 4PM but didn't amount to much around here.

It's going to be a kind of limbo week, as we hang around while the guys work. John says he feels like he's in a Hoarders episode.

Tuesday they arrived around 11:15 and finished taking out the bottom cabinets and they had a mess to clean up. Whoever had installed the cabinets had left all their garbage underneath.

Plumber is scheduled for Thursday.

Wednesday the cleaning lady was here. We went to Lowe's and bought the dishwasher. Then we went for burgers at Burger Priest, then the carwash and a stop at Farm Boy for some groceries.

I am lusting after a new stove, mine is only nine years old but I have never loved it. It has a double oven that I don't like. The worst thing is the calibration is off by at least 40 degrees.
I am so attracted to this one because it has an air fryer in it!
I find the new ones so strange as they no longer have the control panel at the top.

Thursday and the plumber, Iqbal arrived along with Zoran. The plumber did a great job cleaning up the pipes. 

We took a quick trip to the $ store and Sobey's for a rotisserie chicken ($12.99). I wanted aluminum baking trays that we can throw out after using. I don't want to be washing greasy pans in the bathroom!

Friday and the dishwasher was delivered. John went down to the golf simulator.
Zoran dropped by to check the plumbing and do some tidying up, he unwrapped the dishwasher as well.

The plastic film is still on the front.

John took some clubs to be regripped and stopped by Holy Cannoli for some gluten free treats. We had one with tea in the afternoon.

Friday evening we have yet again, another winter storm warning and it lived up to its forecast.

It started snowing around 7, there was a lot of thundersnow and lightning with some power dips affecting the TV and wi-fi. It trended on Twitter #ONStorm. is a clip of the thundersnow.


Saturday prime rib roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Sunday Chinese curry chicken

The goal this week is to reduce the amount of dish washing required as the water is turned off in the kitchen,

Monday (day 1 demolition) leftover prime rib with noodles/rice, peppers and onions. I used the prime rib bone as a base for the sauce, added wine and gluten free Bisto!

Tuesday (day 2) pork chops roast potatoes and corn. I did everything on a sheet in the oven

Wednesday (no kitchen work/cleaner/lunch out) salad/sushi 

Thursday (day 3 plumber)  rotisserie chicken nachos

Friday (dishwasher delivered/contractor came) *GASP* ordered in Swiss Chalet chicken. I had my usual quarter breast and fries. John had their Nashville chicken with baked potato.


The Menu 2022 - A bunch of ultra-wealthy foodies get more than they bargained for in this riotous black comedy starring Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy.
Here's a good review. I had heard of this movie from food bloggers. We both enjoyed it as it was maliciously entertaining.

We watched a very entertaining and informative documentary about Montreal Irish Mafia. I knew nothing about any of this growing up. I do remember the Brink's robbery.
Kings of Coke 2022 is the story of how a gang of Irish bank robbers from one of Canada's poorest neighborhoods rose to become one of North America's most feared organized crime groups; one that would put Montreal on the map of the international drug trade and corrupt the highest levels of law enforcement.

We watched the first episode of a new series True Lies - An unfulfilled suburban housewife is shocked to discover that her bland and unremarkable computer consultant husband is a skilled international spy.
Meh, slightly amusing, two lacklustre leading performances.
One reviewer said:
When James Cameron’s “True Lies” hit theaters in 1994, the story of a muscly spy (Arnold Schwarzenegger) moonlighting as a computer salesman while his bored wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) found secretive ways to pursue purpose was fun, fresh and provocative. Fast-forward nearly 30 years, and many of the film’s tropes and stereotypes just don’t hold up.

I started watching (library Hoopla) The Governor 1995Helen Hewitt is the first woman put in charge of Barfield, a maximum security prison that had been nearly destroyed by a disastrous riot. Despite being greeted with open hostility by inmates and little enthusiasm by prison staff, she is determined to clean up the place.



OSCARS 2023 March 12
We are going to try and watch as many of the Oscar nominations as we can before the awards, it makes it a lot more fun. 
We have already seen:
Elvis - Best picture/Actor
Banshees of Inisherin - Best picture/Actors
Top Gun - Maverick - Best picture
Blonde - Best Actress
Everything Everywhere All At Once - Best picture/Actress. Agree with Best Actress, but not Best Picture.
All Quiet on the Western Front Bleak, grim, grey, sad. Not my favourite for an Oscar.
The Martha Mitchell Effect - Best Documentary Short Film - Jackie 
Triangle of Sadness 2022 - Best Picture/Original Screenplay/Best Director
RUN, don't walk, away from this movie. DO NOT waste your time. 
Tár Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress for Cate Blanchett, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing
YES loved it. The Guardian review summed it up perfectly. YES to best actress!!! You can skip the first seven minutes of titles that would be better left to the end. We loved this movie despite knowing very little about classical music or orchestras. Another great review. 

Nothing new this week.


  1. I'm adding some of those movies to my list. I can't remember if I've seen Menu 2022 -- the trailer looks familiar. I'll have to ask Mr. BFR if we've seen it.

    Here's hoping for a smooth renovation. That oven with the air fryer looks intriguing.

    We got a little of the winter weather down here, but not as bad as most of you north of the Lakes.

  2. Once the work is done, you'll be happy.

  3. We have Bed, Bath & Table but it isn't a place to buy kitchen hardware.
    I don't think we can buy inbuilt dishwasher like that anymore. They all have top and side panels.
    I would not enjoy horizontal snow.
    You've done well with food without a kitchen.

  4. Busy, busy!
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. Renovating our kitchen drove me crazy. We had redone our bathroom the year before and it went quickly but the kitchen was much more challenging. But I am completely delighted with my new kitchen. I hope it all goes smoothly for you and that you are happy with the result. (And, hey, I say go with the new oven. It's a good time to make a change.)

    That snow! Oh my! I can't even imagine!

  6. Remodeling is never fun but the results are wonderful. We've been doing ours a little at a time. I can't decide which stove I want either.

  7. Kitchen renos are a test of one's character, aren't they? I love your "before" kitchen so much I'm really curious to see the "after"!

    That burger!!!! I need that burger!!!!

  8. I can't wait to see your new kitchen!

    I really need to watch The Menu. I have heard so many good things about it!

  9. I am looking for a new stove too but I prefer the control panel a little further out of reach from my toddler.


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