Monday, February 20, 2023

Monday Mural

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February 2023 - Hamilton ON

I have featured Lester Coloma in the past. Click on Coloma in the tags/labels below this post.

This is a new one we happened upon last week.

Click on this link to explore the mural digitally.

The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) celebrates it’s 85th anniversary in 2022 – what a milestone! For eight decades and counting, CSMLS has been the certifying and professional body for medical laboratory professionals across Canada. We are proud to have advocated and educated on behalf of all members, while continuing to support their career journey and growth.

To celebrate, CSMLS commissioned a mural by Hamilton artist Lester Coloma that honours the work of medical laboratory professionals and encapsulates all they do for patient care. Located in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, minutes away from the location where our Society was first formed in 1937, every detail in the mural was specifically chosen to represent different elements of the profession. From one medical laboratory professional using the microscope to another caring for a patient, members and patients alike can see themselves in Coloma’s work – showing just how entwined the laboratory is to every Canadian’s life.


I thought for fun, that I would reverse post my Monday Murals - April 22, 2013.

A. Schwab General Store, Memphis TN April 2013

A trip to A. Schwab is a step back in time to the great days of general stores, offering a great selection of everything you need, and many things you might not. We'd been in here on our previous trip to Memphis in 1992.

Browse through 44 kinds of suspenders, a wall of voodoo love potions and powders and a full kiosk of Elvis souvenirs. Discover bongo drums and crystal balls, shoeshine kits and corncob pipes, long thermal underwear and cotton petticoats, praying hands and plastic back-scratchers.


  1. They are nice sentiments behind the commissioning of the murals .

  2. That first mural is beautifully created. The Schwab's mural was fun to see. I laughed at all the items they carried. I'm loving these looks back.

  3. That top mural is lovely. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jackie.


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