Monday, February 6, 2023

My Recipe Box - Lazy Tomato Soup

Originally posted July 2011
Updated February 2023

I've mentioned before that I make all my own soup stocks even vegetarian.
My mother made the most amazing spicy tomato soup. Unfortunately I never asked for her recipe and have spent years trying to duplicate and finally found making it this way comes pretty close to hers.
I add a can of Heinz tomato juice with a portion of my vegetarian stock for a nutritious meal. I'll add some finely chopped onions sometimes BUT always add hot chilies and some garlic.
Sometimes I'll add rice, especially if I have leftover rice hanging out in the fridge or freezer.
You could make this just using the juice and adding some water.

Can tomato soup
Stock - chicken, beef, vegetarian
Onion chopped or powder
Garlic chopped or powder
Italian seasoning spice
Curry powder - optional
Hunk of parmesan cheese rind (don't throw these out, keep in freezer to add to soup)
Hot sauce or siracha or both!
Heavy cream (35%) optional

Melt butter add onion, garlic, Italian seasoning, curry, pepper and allow spices to bloom.
Add can of soup, some stock, hot sauce/siracha with cheese rind and simmer until hot.
Turn off heat and add cream.

Delicious with bread or crackers. Consider making mini-grilled cheese sandwiches!
Imagine tomato soup shooters with grilled cheese at a cocktail party.


  1. Love homemade tomato soup. Just not spicy!! I made a minestrone type soup today for me to eat through the week. Love soup.


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