Saturday, February 18, 2023

Coffee and Croissant

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February 2023 - Toronto ON

January 2023 - Queen St. W Toronto

Saturday I did laundry and then spent the afternoon cleaning up the back of my knitted blanket, now I need to find a fabric to back it with.

Sunday Superbowl Day so John settled in with his golf and football after making fried ham and eggs for breakfast. His workout was riding his bike.
I did some plant management, two needed some TLC. 
I completed the kitchen reno paperwork for the condo.
I spent an hour (Saturday and Sunday) on the phone with my retirement home friend, getting all the latest gossip.

Monday John did a run to stock up on peanuts and gluten free bagels. Both places are at least a 30 minute drive.


I went for a haircut. 
Flowers outside a florist in First Canadian Place, ready for pickup.

On my way back I cut through the Royal York Hotel and this was their Valentine decoration.

I received my own sweet Valentine's gift.

Wednesday we drove to Hamilton for fish and chips and some new mural hunting.

I'll be showing the murals on Monday Murals.

Alas the fish and chip shop wasn't open, they had done extended evening hours for Valentine's Day. Back up plan was a chip wagon! John had chips, I had a terrible poutine.

The winds were ferocious, 60-90 km an hour, and it was garbage day so there was so much debris flying around, but the temperature was 16C or 61F, unheard of in mid-February!

Thursday John went to the locker as we thought we had extra kitchen tiles that may be needed around the new dishwasher, yes, we had four.

Then the fire alarm went. 
The Toronto Fire Services (TFS) investigated the Fire Alarm incident, and they determined that a 12th floor Hallway Smoke Alarm was activated, due to construction dust, which emanated from inside a suite on the 12th floor. The owners are responsible for the false alarm charge of $1,530.

We got rid of two boxes of children books that I had growing up. They were not in good shape as they have been in basements and lockers for many years.

Friday we headed out to choose our kitchen counters/backsplash, sink and handles. 

It was a 30 minute drive there and 90 minutes home due to an accident on the Gardiner.
It had rained last night but north of the 401 (Trans Canada Highway) the rain had frozen.

We're heading into a long weekend, February 20, the third Monday of February is observed as "Family Day" in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan; as Louis Riel Day in Manitoba; as Nova Scotia Heritage Day in Nova Scotia; and as Islander Day in Prince Edward Island.
In Quebec and the three territories, the third Monday in February is a regular working day. The same is true in Newfoundland and Labrador except in Corner Brook, where it is an unnamed civic holiday. In Yukon, however, one Friday in February (typically the last/near-last Friday)—rather than a Monday—is deemed Yukon Heritage Day.


John started watching Borgen, so I am now re-watching all 4 seasons with him!

We also watched Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song 2021 - a feature-length documentary explores the life of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen as seen through the prism of his internationally renowned hymn, Hallelujah.
This was riveting and emotional. 


Made breakfast loaded potatoes - what a disaster, it was so unpleasant to look at that we threw it out. I used last night's leftover baked potato, scooped some of the potato out, added shredded cheese and a slice of bacon (also leftover from Caesar salad) and put an egg on top and baked them. They looked awful!
Dinner was ham, mashed potatoes with cheese and Brussels sprouts.

Sunday pork back ribs with beans and a baked potato.

Monday John suggested quiche.

Tuesday I used this sauce I had bought from Blighty's and did chicken with green peppers, onions and rice. You add diced tomatoes to the sauce. We did not like it, it was too bitter. I put the opened jar in the fridge, but the next morning I said "no, just toss it, why keep for months?" 

I also made the naan bread from the Cannelle et Vanille cookbook. I cut the recipe in half. I would make them again, I was rushed and didn't think through my timings butt they turned out tasty enough.

Wednesday leftover quiche and beets

Thursday - fried tuna sticks with wasabi mayo sauce and salad. I have made this before, in 2020.
It's a compromise as John doesn't like ahi tuna or ceviche. I also served some mango sauce with it.

Friday steak with frites and curry sauce, that was quite good, not very curry but quite peppery.


I flipped through some magazines at the library, nothing exciting.

I am reading my third Jane Heafield book, although not in order, a mistake on my part, Cold Blood. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the other two, probably because DI Lizzie Miller is not featured in this one.


Flipped through That Noodle Life, I enjoyed it and learned a few things. Soba noodles are gluten free.
This is a recipe of theirs I would try Shanghai noodles with pork belly and kale, from the National Post. Substitute soba noodles.
They have a food blog I Am a Food Blog.

Five Ingredient Dinners America's Test Kitchen was a good read, lots of good recipes with good instructions and photos.

Make your own pickled onions for tacos or sandwiches by adding slices to a jar of pickles.
I'd like to make kielbasa potato leek soup, linked recipe has more ingredients than the book, I like the idea of cabbage.


  1. Wow on that Valentine's Day gift! And I always love to see your street art.

    We had that warm day too, and decided to go take a walk -- along with everyone else in the area. LOL.

    Your kitchen is going to be great.

    I have that Leonard Cohen doc on my list. Maybe I'll get to it this week.

    I need to look at that ATK cookbook. I've not seen it yet. I haven't used That Noodle Life enough. You've inspired me to go take another look. We aren't gluten free, but I always have soba noodles in the house. We like the taste and texture.

    1. It is a great gift, full of chocolate! We are sharing it. We are looking forward to the kitchen.

  2. I hope Joihn wasn't trapped in the locker when that alarm went off! Wow, hefty fine for a false alarm.
    Have not heard of Borgen so let me check that out. Just done with season 4 of Unforgotten and am excited to be getting Annika soon.

    1. Good point, Tina, I wonder what would happen if you were in the locker during an alarm. Lockers are in the underground garage, which you cannot enter during an alarm.
      Borgen is sooooo good! As I mentioned to you, I found Unforgotten for a fee on Prime...

  3. The murals you found are lovely. How was the Fish & Chip truck?

  4. I like to try to make cossairts.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. I have done all of those things on the list. Our first computer came with some AOL connection and I had an AOL email address that I never used. AOL: was forced on us really. Being new to computers it took time to work out how to get out of it.

    Generally I like Sharwood's products, so that is disappointing.

    1. I haven't done two of the things. Never did MySpace and never had an AOL connection.
      I usually like Sharwood too, but this was just too bitter and grainy.

  6. Your Valentine's gift is fantastic. Good job!

    Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song sounds like something I'd like to see. In Bittersweet, a book I'm reading, author Susan Cain talks about her love for Cohen, and she mentions going to Canada to hear a musical tribute to him. During the tribute she experiences a transcendent moment.

    I have done everything on the Never list.

  7. Wow, that's an impressive Valentine's gift. I love the retro Never Have I Ever. I guess I'm retro because I've done all but 4 of the things. I've never used a typewriter. I had a toy rotary phone when I was a kid, but I've never used a real one. I've never listened to a vinyl record. I've never owned an encyclopedia, but I do have several dictionaries.

  8. I miss Toronto, especially the great food.

  9. Miss the great food in Toronto and those blue skies even in winter.

  10. I got a kick out of the humans aren't real bit.

  11. Some really cool murals!


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