Monday, February 13, 2023

Monday Mural

 I'm linking up at Monday Mural 

John snapped this on January 23 from the streetcar.

It is an ad for Nespresso, likely pasted, but interesting.


This was Drake's General Store, now across the street at his hotel. Taken July 2019.

I found this mural on Twitter attributed to Banksy after last week's devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey.


I thought for fun, that I would reverse post my Monday Murals, April 14, 2013 Shreveport LA.

Titled "Once in a Millennium Moon," the visually busy mural covers 30,000 square feet and took two years to paint. This building is fourteen stories in Shreveport LA and we found it in March 2013 on the A. T. & T building. It was considered the largest mural in the US at that time.

It was a project for Year 2000. The mural contains 19 people and 40 objects, capturing the people of Shreveport, their treasures, triumphs, tragedies. There is a viewing station with a paint-by- number grid that describes each. Many artists worked on this project, some who hung off the side of the building for months.

 It was produced by a team of professional artists and 2,600 community painters under the guidance of muralist Meg Saligman. Ms. Saligman, a nationally and internationally recognized mural artist, perfected a "paint by number" grid that is applied to sheets of plastic cloth. Once painted, the cloth is "floated in acrylic" on the wall, much like wallpaper installation.


  1. The Nesprsso mural was a bit hard to understand. Other than the machine, I don't see how the rest of the mural fit with the coffee.

    The Banksy mural was heartbreaking. And the Shreveport mural had a very local feel, which would appeal to those who lived there.

  2. Heartbreaking Banksy mural :) The Nespresso mural is huge,not sure what that "flying saucer" in the middle is, lol. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jackie


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