Monday, June 14, 2021

Monday Mural

 I'm linking up at Monday Mural

June 2021 - Toronto ON

I had shown this when it was a WIP a couple of weeks ago. It is in Yorkville and we took these photos the day before the lockdown eased and outdoor dining/patios were allowed to open (June 10).

American artist Nina Chanel Abney and Toronto curator Ashley McKenzie-Barnes unveiled their new 120-foot mural in Yorkville in June. With both women identifying as black queer females, the mural explores themes of social justice, humanity and spreading love, not hate.

Coinciding with the beginning of Pride Month in June, the mural incorporates words and phrases like “love,” “stop” and “don’t kill” in acknowledgment of the acts of hatred and racism happening at home and around the world. The artists hope the street art gives passersby pause and a chance to reflect on the racial, cultural and gender-based violence occurring regularly on a global scale, and how people can come together to overcome these acts of hate.

Titled “Generally Speaking,” the mural is also designed to engender hope and joy in the Yorkville community as the city works towards recovering from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It seeks to remind people of the need for social justice and reform in all areas, while highlighting themes of alliance, humanity and togetherness.

Yes, John's feet are in each of his shots, and I was too lazy to crop them out!

And my feet!

Aerial view courtesy of The Vibe.


  1. ...I don't see many horizontal murals, this is a fun one! Thanks for the aerial view.

  2. Wow, fun, bright and playful, conveying a message at the same time.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Debbie.
    Nice that restrictions have eased. I like the header photo too.

  3. This is awesome. The aerial view puts it all in perspective, Jackie. These are great and I LOVED your shoes, too!


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