Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Pint

June 2021 - Toronto ON

April 2021 - Wishful Thinking Front St. Toronto

A sad and despicable news story this week from London ON.
The attack was horrendous: Three generations of a Muslim-Canadian family killed, leaving a 9-year-old child orphaned as they were at an intersection on their evening walk.
The motive was horrific: Police say the 22 year old white pickup driver, who mowed into them, targeted them because of their faith.

People return to the scene to leave flowers and light candles after a vigil for the Salman family.Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

A smile...

Where did the week go? We're in lockdown until Friday when we go into a stage 1.
The reopening plan will allow non-essential retailers to open at 15 per cent capacity while permitting bars and restaurants to serve customers on their patios.
No hair cuts or pedicures yet!!!

John golfed Wednesday and Friday.
Monday we did some errands, a stop at Cloverdale Mall, post office, and then we had planned on going to see the rhododendrons at Bruckner Park, but by then it was super hot and humid plus the parking lot was full.
Instead we went to Lloyd Manor Metro where we got more potting soil.

Tuesday we thought we would do the rhodos early morning but it was raining and foggy until after lunch. We headed out and must have gotten the only hour in the day with a little sunshine which quickly passed into fog and cool. We just got back into the car and it started raining.

The peonies were also in bloom.

And the fog rolled in for the rest of the day.

John's birthday scotch of the month arrived, far left. Then he treated himself to a special for the scotch club - an 18 year old. They also had a special on Irish whiskies.

Wednesday and the Royal York hotel is getting ready to open their patio with Pride colours.
I went back to Telus to figure out the issue with our billing for the first month for our new phones. Mystery solved.

Back home I did some rearranging of the plant corner.

The balcony with the new rug.

Thursday turned out to be a walk of over 10,000 steps as we strolled around.
Interesting sign on the subway for Indigenous month.

Yorkville library Pride flags are a little different this year. Normally all columns wear the rainbow colours.

Trans Pride Flag — Monica Helms, an openly transgender American woman, created the flag in 1999. The light blue and light pink are the traditional colors for baby girls and baby boys, respectively, while the white represents intersex, transitioning, or a neutral or undefined gender. According to Helms, the flag is symmetrical so “no matter which way you fly it, it is always correct, signifying us fnding correctness in our lives.”

Took John to see the now finished mural on Belair. It will be impossible to get decent photos after Thursday as the street opens up its outdoor dining.
Perfect day to be out, the humidity had passed us by.

Dragged John into Eataly.

A stop at Nani's for gelato.
John's flavours - salted olive oil candied pecan pistachio, toasted coconut, saffron cardamon kulfi
Jackie - lychee lassi and Ontario strawberry sobbreto.

Ice cream, as implied by its name, is higher in fat content with about 25-30% fat by volume compared to gelato.
Gelato is much lower in fat content at 4-8%. The main ingredient in gelato is milk whether dairy or non-dairy milk.
Sorbetto is also called sorbet. Unlike like gelato, sorbetto is always a dairy and egg free frozen treat. It is, therefore, the lowest fat content of the three treats.

Kulfi is similar to ice cream in appearance and taste but denser and creamier. Unlike ice cream, kulfi is not whipped, resulting in a solid, dense frozen dessert similar to traditional custard-based ice cream.
Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit.

Nani's Gelato is right beside this stunning mural. 

Over on Church The Hair of the Dog pub is looking very verdant!

After I posted the that the Ryerson monument was spray-painted with words and had paint splashed across the statue over the last week following the discovery of the bodies of 215 children in a former residential school in Kamloops, B.C.

On Sunday evening a sit-in convened on Ryerson’s downtown campus near the statue of Ryerson. Shortly after the demonstration broke up, a truck with a rope attached pulled the statue of Mr. Ryerson off its plinth and down into the street.
Plywood fencing has been erected around the statue area.

Anticipating the return of outside dining!

Dundas Square.

Massey Hall's facelift is progressing.

Outside city hall the Canadiens hockey team flag is flying.
Calling it one of his toughest tasks as mayor, lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs fan John Tory raised a huge Montreal Canadiens flag at Toronto city hall.

“This one, I will admit, was painful,” said Tory who on Thursday fulfilled terms of the bet he lost with Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante over whose NHL team would win their first-round playoff series.

Back home we had three parcels waiting!
A box of Promise gluten free bread, we are tired of driving to various Metros to find only one or two loaves on the shelves, shipping is free over $50.
I also ordered a digital measuring cup and spoon for baking in metric. I already have a scale.

Samples! That's a sight we haven't seen in 15 months!

And there's water in the fountain!

The whole city is under construction!

Patios open!


I took responsibility for this week's selection which required a shopping list.
The Barista from this month's LCBO magazine. It calls for Pravda, however in speaking to the sales rep at the LCBO she said they hadn't carried that for a while. She googled and found Jumping Goat coffee flavoured vodka at the Spadina and Dundas store so I headed there. Aperol was also on the shopping list but that can be found anywhere. The mint came from my balcony.
We both liked the Jumping Goat (kind of tastes like Kahlua) and thought it would be great over ice cream or in a Frappuccino replacing the milk! 

Makes 1 drink
2 fresh mint sprigs, divided
1 1/2 oz Pravda Espresso Flavoured Vodka Jumping Goat coffee flavoured vodka
1 1/2 oz Aperol
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
1 cup (250 mL) cubed ice
2 cups (500 mL) crushed ice
Lemon wedge for garnish

1. Put leaves from 1 mint sprig in the base of a cocktail shaker and gently crush with a muddler or wooden spoon. Add vodka, Aperol, lemon juice and cubed ice, and shake for 45 seconds.

2. Overfill a large rocks glass with crushed ice and strain drink into glass. Garnish with lemon wedge and remaining mint sprig.


Mai Tai with orgeat which is new to us
Tequila Sunrise
Rob Roy required bitters which we had never bought
New York Sours 
Gin Fizz
Rusty Nail
Vodka Sidecar
Vodka Cosmopolitan
The Perfect Storm
Side Car
Jalapeno Margarita
The Godfather
Peach Cosmo - FAIL


Saturday burgers with potato chips. I made gluten free buns with this recipe. They were good as a bun and dense enough to hold together, but I thought they were too heavy, although John said they were better than any bought buns.
I used Steve's GF Bread Flour for the first time. There is a hamburger bun recipe on that site that I will try.
In looking over her recipe video again my dough was not as wet as hers appears to be, hers look a lot softer. Might be worth another try.

Sunday Chinese curry chicken with pakoras chicken wings and fries.
I did bake this gluten free lemon drizzle cake. It called for 3 eggs but I substituted 1/4 cup of applesauce to replace 1 egg. I also didn't use all the drizzle.
John's seal of approval.

Monday Chinese curry chicken with pakoras. Roast BBQ chicken quarters, roast potatoes and carrots.

Tuesday Chinese curry chicken with pakoras. Got lazy and we ordered Swiss Chalet chicken.

Wednesday Chinese curry chicken with pakoras. Finally!

Thursday garlic lemon butter shrimp and salad.

Friday STEAK and broccolini and mushrooms.


NOW Magazine featured a list of 14 must see movies this summer.

Loved this year's Kennedy Centre Awards !

Finally watched Tenet and it was certainly full of eye-popping gimmicks to keep you watching. But as many people, and us, said, it needs to be watched a second time to fully understand the convoluted concept of time travel/inversion.

We binge-watched Season 1 of Blackspace. Thanks, Judee A to Z Gluten Free for telling me about this, we loved it.

Jungleland  2020 was a surprise good watch.


On my laptop Spices and Herbs - not a book to browse, rather a book on your shelf for consulting.

I loved The Bad Muslim Discount for those who asked!

Started and finished His and Hers. LOVED it! 

American Dirt and wow I can't believe the controversy about this book on Goodreads. Cartels and a mother and son harrowing trip to the US. Somehow I don't think I will be finishing this one.

Instead I started A Good Neighborhood which is thought provoking and has me interested.


  1. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I would like to see & hear about your renovation when you get started.
    What awful news about that muslin canadian family. Doug was just reading about that in the online papers. Horrible.

    I just added His and Hers to my Goodreads list. I plan to finish the last two in Ann Cleeves Vera Stanhope series and then I have two from Netgalley. THEN I want to start His and Hers. Did you ever read He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly? Two perspectives and I was quite surprised at the end.

    YES to anything lemon but that lemon drizzle cake.......mmmmmmmmm

    1. Yes, I read He Sais/She Sais, it was really good.
      The lemon cake was so good, I am having it for breakfast with berries and yogurt!

  2. Okay, now I have to check into digital measuring cups and spoons. I'm so weak! So horrible that hate still rages on. I need to get to His and Hers too. And that Spices and Herbs book is new to me--I'll have to see if my library has it. And lemon cake?? YES! Love your new rug. And yeah for outdoor dining!

  3. Beautiful flowers... I love looking at photos of Toronto :) Thank you for linking with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  4. That is a really stunning mural. It's huge.
    I made my own lassi once and needed a few drops of rose water. It was fine but I had to buy a 200 ml bottle of rose water and I only ever used it once.
    I hope that isn't ivy covering the pub.
    Good luck with the opening up.

  5. Glad to hear how much you enjoyed Bad Muslim Discount. His and Hers sounds interesting, too.

    Your book about Herbs and Spices reminds me of a book I ran across at a coffee shop in my town. It's called The Flavor Thesaurus, and it shares thoughts about various flavor combinations. I'm quirky in my reads sometimes, but I ended up liking it so much that I bought myself my own copy.

    I can't bear to think about someone intentionally targeting a family because of their spiritual beliefs. And in Canada. Horrific.

    The library banners are a symbol of hope for me. I need to see as many of these as possible after the last four years in the US.

    Thanks for the explanation of the various sorts of frozen treats. I looked for frozen yogurt at Target for my husband's birthday yesterday, but I ended up buying gelato, as it was all I could find.

  6. I don't understand people! That was a horrendous thing to do to an innocent family! So very sad!

    I don't like going anywhere that is outside when it's hot and humid, I can't take it anymore.
    Beautiful flowers! I love the view from your window but don't know if I'd want to live that high. I love the woman & man, also love your balcony.

    I don't think I've seen red bananas anywhere I live. I've never had gelato but my daughter loves it. Great murals and neat grassy building. Very funny video, & Pint 0'Clock, LOL! I'm going to check out the digital measuring cup and spoon. Things are opening up around my town too and the traffic is getting a lot more heavy.

    215 children found in a formal school? Oh my goodness! I don't understand why people are so offended with statues etc. People lost their common sense during the election. I hope nobody messes with the Trans Pride Flags!

    Your Lemon Cake looks very good, I love Curry Chicken!

    Happy Belated Birthday to John!

  7. Kulfi sounds delicious! I looked up a recipe -- it's like a very creamy popsicle. My favorite thing about summer is having an excuse to make and eat ice cream :-).

  8. I'm always impressed by how you find so many things to do and places to go when you are actually locked down. I hope Toronto opens up and we can visit one of these days (months? years?). It's such a colorful city and I love your impressions.

    best... mae at

  9. so so tragic about that Muslim family, and those 215 children. Those flowers are lovely though. so many beautiful rhododendrons, and peonies are gorgeous. have a great week.


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