Saturday, May 23, 2020

Self Isolation Week 11

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May 2020 - Toronto ON

2020 just gets worse in Canadian history.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds' cross-country tour to raise people's spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic turned to tragedy Sunday when one of its planes plunged into the ground in Kamloops, B.C., killing one member and injuring another.

The Snowbirds jet crashed shortly after takeoff and burst into flames in the front yard of a house.

Capt. Jenn Casey, a public affairs officer with the Snowbirds, died in the crash, the Canadian Armed Forces said in a statement.

The City of Toronto decided to expand ActiveTO’s major road closures this long weekend to provide residents with more space to physically distance while outdoors and getting exercise.Vehicle access on parts of more major roads were closed for walking, running, and biking.
Lake Shore Boulevard West (eastbound lanes only) from Windermere Avenue to Stadium Road. 

Clearly the concept was not well thought out for Lake Shore. It took two hours for these cars to finally turn at Windermere. By 5 PM Saturday they finally closed the ramp to Lake Shore!
The eastbound Gardiner Expressway off ramp to Lake Shore Boulevard West (exit #146) will also be closed.

Lake Shore is the road above on the far left, it becomes one way was it as it merges with those two middle lanes.
The wait wasn't worth it for these drivers as they either did a U turn or backed down the ramp.

By Sunday the ramp remained closed and the traffic light at Windermere, where Lake Shore traffic was forced off, was extended for turns.

But it still wasn't all rosy! You can see that the Lake Shore ramp is closed. Traffic increased on the Gardiner, but not badly. Around 5:30 I saw this! That is an on ramp these geniuses are turning onto, going the wrong way. They could see traffic building ahead of them and I assume decided it wasn't worth the wait.

Oh heck, why not just turn around and drive back to that ramp...

John did take a long walk.

Towards home, Marine Parade Drive, with our building looming in the distance.

I put the plants back outside. Washed the balcony floor.

Cleaned up the balcony and repotted some plants on Saturday. Planted a snake plant in my new pot for the bathroom.
I also printed that photo (we took it a couple of weeks ago on Harbord) as part of our new theme.

Monday was a holiday which usually heralds the beginning of summer.
I finalized the new large photo for the bathroom and sent it off for printing, along with a large one for the kitchen as well.

Preparing a story board for new kitchen counter to replace current situation.

John hit the driving range on Tuesday and golfed on Wednesday.
I walked over to Rabba, a local small grocery chain, and scored some yeast!
We were up so early on Wednesday that he cut my hair, we went out for produce, gassed up at Costco and went to the LCBO and were home by 10:30.

Thursday we were to my BFF for our first social distancing visit since mid March. We are only allowed gatherings of 5 people. We sat in the backyard, had a glass of wine, and chatted for a couple of hours.

Friday we went to a garden shop and picked up some more plants for the balcony.

John stopped for this mural, we never knew the LUSH soap manufacturing plant was here on Jutland.

John went golfing and I planted and arranged to balcony.

From our bedroom window.

From the living room, early this morning.
Top shelf - repotted two plants together.
Bottom shelf - potted new rosemary plant, carrot top and new cactus together.

Potted four geraniums together and moved table  top plant to the floor. Just need one more biggish plant to complete setting.

Tomato plant is doing well.

A couple of new plants for the bedroom.

Funny kind of week, we got out more than we have in the last ten weeks and yet we had the least number of photos.


I watched season one of the Great Canadian Bake Off and started season 2.

I found yeast at Rabba this week!

Homemade whole wheat gluten free bread from Bob's Red Mill mix (includes the yeast). I did this in the oven and it turned out well.

It rose well.

Clam chowder (homemade) with gluten free focaccia.

Mom's stuffed flank steak mashed potato and parsnips and carrot/turnip mash. For the stuffing I used this mix I had found a few weeks ago. Gluten free, was okay, nothing special, wouldn't buy again.

Spanish chicken thighs are a staple around here, so easy to add whatever vegetables/starches you have on hand. We used last night's potatoes and vegetables with it.

Korean meatball lettuce wraps NEW delicious! I had enough meat that I froze half the mixture. I also finally finished the last of the sausages we bought at New Year's and didn't really like.

Creamy lemon shrimp pasta NEW using up frozen shrimp with gluten free soft garlic bread sticks. These were good but mine was so runny that when I piped it they flattened like flatbreads. Not sure what the problem was. I will give them one more try.
This was the first time that John even considered having shrimp with pasta, but it was his idea. This recipe was good but he thought he preferred my carbonara recipe.

John did a Costco run and picked up a ham. So we had that for dinner with au gratin potatoes and corn.
YEAH ham sandwiches for lunch the rest of the week.

Grilled steak with tomato salad.

I want to make these!
Cherry pie bars
Dry chickpea crisps


Click here to watch a friend's video of The Strip in Las Vegas in these strange times.


Finished Schitt's Creek, I am going to miss David (Dan Levy). He issued a strong statement this week about wearing face masks.
I mentioned above that I watched the Great Canadian Bake Off, and Dan is the host so I can still get my fix.

Portrait of Dan Levy

We started watching Prison Break.

I continue with season 5 of Mad Men.


Seriously I have never taken so long to get through a book, I am still stuck on The Witch Elm. But I need to know how it finishes.


This time last year we were finishing off our trip in Florence and Barcelona. We also took a train ride to Pisa.

      Florence Street Art 1 Clet
      Florence Street Art 2 Blub
      Florence Street Art 3 Superwomen
May 19 - Florence and train to Pisa
      Badìa Fiorentina Abbey and Church/Dante/Homeless Jesus

May 20 - Florence


May 21 - Florence to Barcelona
Breakfast at the airport.

We had to have our favourite gelato that we had been introduced to in November when we were here with Ann and Bob!

May 22 - Barcelona
Church of The Virgin of Gràcia and St. Joseph

May 23 - Barcelona
      Santa Maria del Mar
      Sant Augusti Church (St. Rita)


Airport lounge and premium economy home.


  1. Jackie,
    This was a long week!! Things are so different and we are all finding things to do in the house. I love your view and your plants. We are in limbo because we are snowbirds and will be driving back to Phila soon - so I have very few apartment projects to work on. We give all our plants away before we leave.

  2. Your balcony is very beautiful. Too bad you have to watch the traffic!

    be well... mae at

  3. That traffic situation is crazy. Where were the cops to sort things out? It looks like you are having some nice weather at least. Your balcony is looking good. It is recessed unlike ours and so we are very limited in what we can grow because of wind. Lol at Travel Plans.

  4. Never looked at this Covid as in weeks, I been looking it as in Months. I wear mask because I care for those I am in contact with. Although Mask wearing here isn't the cool thing.

  5. I have watched multiple different versions of bake off but not the Canadian one. Looks like you are finding lots of ways to keep yourself busy!

  6. I read about that air crash, so sad.
    Love your details about the highway traffic and you have a bird's eye view.

    By the way, that last Tana book was our least favorite. I'll certainly buy the next one but man..,get back to Dublin Murder Squad! I've been in a reading slump but turned to an old favorite to get me back in gear.

  7. Such a tragedy in Kamloops. My heart goes out to Capt. Jenn Casey's family and friends, and the whole Snowbirds flight team. - Margy

  8. I love the Italy and Spain photos you shared for us! I feel sad for the pilot that passed away may she rest in peace. Please have a great new week and those food photos made me super hungry!

  9. I'm surprised to see the impatient Canadians. Texans are always impatient. The road closures here would have resulted the same here, only with huge Texas-tough trucks. The mask-wearing isn't going well here either. Again, my people feel like they can do what they want. It's terribly frustrating. I just try to stay at home the vast majority of the time.

    Your plants have been something to occupy your mind, I think. I want to spend time working in my beds around the house, but it's starting to get too hot to work much outside here.

    I'm sorry you are having such a hard time reading. I'm reading a lot but I'm also setting aside lots of books. I'm able to pick up books from the library (gloves and masks) now so at least I have lots of books to try.

  10. I am an admittedly reluctant mask wearer, and still walk outside barefaced with my mask in my pocket, because there is no one around where I walk. I keep a good sightline at all times, take no sharp corner turns, and cross the street well in advance if I do see someone else walking (rarely). Obviously, city life is a whole different story!
    I love your photo documentary of your week and thank you as always for sharing!


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