Friday, May 22, 2020

Weekend Roundup

Welcome to The Weekend Roundup...hosted by Tom The Back Roads Traveler

1. Starts with "U"
2. A Favorite
3. UNDERchosen by Tom

Starts with "U"
UPSCALE or UPMARKET cafe somewhere in Wyoming

A horseshoe is shaped like a U Wickensburg AZ


Wake UP down UNDER in Sydney Australia 

Déjà Brew
UPGRADE who can resist coffee with breakfast at Cracker Barrel??? Ohio.


  1. ...WHERE is somewhere WYOMING?
    ...Horseshoe WORKS WELL.
    ...I've never been down UNDER!
    ...Cracker Barrel is homemade???
    Thanks Jackie for the visit, take care!

  2. The horseshoe fits the U bill. Funny I saw one on one of my walks this week and never thoguht of that for U although my post was already made by that time. Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I remembered to pour a cup of coffee before pulling up your post this morning. :) Love that coffee house. And no one can resist coffee and breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Jackie, I like every one of your places. My vote for favorite is the Wyoming cafe, not a tree in sight.


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