Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday Mural College St. Part 2

I'm linking up at Monday Mural 

In September we took a long walk along College St, 14,000 steps in fact.
More on our day on College St. and many more murals.

Part 1

Frannie Potts

Robin Hesse

Gosia Komorski

Marcio Melo

Avril Wu

Runt Cross we have seen his work on Queen W.

Erin McCluskey

Henry Tyminski

Christina Mazzulla

Toucan by Ghazaleh

Anya Mielniczek

Natashia Faustino (Faussy) “Into the Wild”

Shafia Shaikh the finished work is signed as EWOK project standing for Equity for Women of (K)olour.

Stacy Kinder

Andre Kan

Couldn't find any names.


  1., make that a BIG WOW, I like Anya Mielniczek's work best!!!

  2. I'd love to have Stacy Kinder's mural on my garage door. #MMBC

  3. Some really interesting examples here! Love the woman's face on the wall and how her hair blends into the brickwork. #MMBC

  4. Great garage door and walls Jackie. Thanks for contributing

  5. Fascinating murals. I think you are in Margaret Atwood territory -- I have read three of her books this month, so I love seeing Toronto. As for choosing favorites among your beautiful selection: I think I like the blue-green one with the houses on the hillside best. But all are great.

    best.... mae at

    1. Yes, Mae. Many of The Handmaid's Tale's scenes were filmed close by. I re-read Handmaid's Tale this month. I also plan to read a couple more.

  6. What great street art! I'm so amazed that there are so many garage doors with murals! I rarely see murals, so this is a super abundance!

  7. Unbelievably clever and diverse murals that make ANY garage door look impressive. These are ALL amazing.

  8. I've been down that lane but not for a while! Must make a visit!

  9. I like the first mural the best.



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