Monday, November 4, 2019

Monday Mural

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October 2019 - Toronto ON

Also in this lane is an Elicser piece.

#WallExpressions 2019 in collaboration with START, StreetArt Toronto transported twelve garages in the Alan Powell Lane, off Harbord.
I have marked the ones that were done in 2017.

When possible, I have identified the artist. By clicking on the labels/tags below this post you can see other works by these artists.

Alan Powell was a University of Toronto professor, social activist and promoter of the arts in Canada.


Ted Hamer

Tuffy Tats Trevor Goodwin

Christina Mazzulla

Virtual Tombstone

Frannie Potts

Mike Moism


Clear Eyes Collective


2017 - Nick Sweetman and Willie Wales


2017- Musica

2017 - Ed Mirvish holding an iconic Honest Ed's sign, painted by Spud.

2017 - Christina Mazzulla

2017 - Chris Perez

2017 - Dudeman

2017 - ACK

2017 - Luvsumone

2017 - Blazeworks

2017 - Ted Hamer

Mike Moism

2017 - ROAM


We saw this in progress in July, by Jim Bravo.

Then completed in August.

This replaced a mural I had used as a blog header, and I can't find the original photo.


  1. The strange houses murals are brilliant. What an inventive mind.

  2. ...Wowzer, the black and white one says it all.

  3. Wow, all great murals Jackie. My favourites are the tiger and the bird ones.
    The last mural is beautiful but what a pity that it replaced another beautiful mural.
    Thanks for contributing.

  4. I enjoyed all of these, and my favorites were the birds.

  5. Lots of great ones! The tiger - and the cat sure are my favorites!

  6. I love how vibrant street murals are. #MMBC

  7. Oh wow! The photos are amazing, but the artwork, is just breath taking. I'd love to be able to walk down a street and see such beautiful murals x


  8. I haven't been down there in ages so haven't seen the new ones! Another walk to take!

  9. What a great series of murals. I love them all.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

  10. This wall art is beautiful!
    I especially like the one with the tiger. #MMBC

  11. They are all just wonderful! I'm a little partial to the ones with the Blue Birds though.

  12. What an absolute feast for the eyes. You have found so many, many incredible murals and to think they are all on garage doors. I'm super impressed. They are all unique and beautiful in their own way.

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