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Murals, Tunes and Treasures

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September 2019 - Toronto ON

Discovered on a walk along Dundas West at the Chelsea Hotel.

Click here to see more Yonge St. murals highlighting the street's musical history.

Pam Lostracco is the artist and was done in 2018.

Murals surrounding the Chelsea’s parking ramp are divided into panels — to resemble a film strip — and include colourful elements that highlight the evolution of theatre on Yonge Street. Reflective paint, beams of colour and a unique marquee overhang now welcome guests as they drive down the ramp, including a scene from Phantom of the Opera.

I know, wrong Chelsea Hotel, but who could resist!

Chelsea Hotel - Leonard Cohen

Imperial 6 Theatre was at Yonge and Dundas in 1919.

Massey Hall, I've written about it before.

Nickelodeon At Dundas Street. Unaware Ryerson students there one night in '74 were sitting next to an incognito Bob Dylan.

Lowe's Theatre, now known as the Elgin and Winter Gardens Theatres.
The magnificent theatre complex on Yonge Street, a few doors north of Queen Street was erected in 1913.

The two theatres were of distinctly different personalities: the Elgin was all gold leaf and rich fabrics, a formal theatre of plaster cherubs and ornate opera boxes. The Winter Garden was a botanical fantasy, its walls hand-painted to resemble a garden, its ceiling a mass of real beech boughs and twinkling lanterns. The theatres played host to such greats as George Burns and Gracie Allen, Sophie Tucker, Milton Berle and Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.

When The Phantom of the Opera began its 10-year run in Toronto in September 1989, it opened in an opulently restored Pantages Theatre, where we saw it!

All I Ask of You

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  1. Lots of transport in the works. They'd be rather ugly walls without the art.

  2. Fun murals!!
    I hope that beetle was no diesel, though!
    I like the style and how you integrate real people, too.

  3. Great murals at the entrance to the underground parking garage.

  4. What an interesting mural collection (or maybe just one mural would be more correct!)

  5. I like not only the murals, but the fact there is reflective paint, which will help night time visitors.

    I had to laugh at the mural with the legs, feet, and top hat with the man on the bicycle in the background that looked like he had been cut off at the top by the car.

    It's amazing how different those two theaters must have been. This was a fun post to read. Amazing the difference in styles, too.

  6., what a post, Jackie! Treasures for my eyes and ears.For some reason I can't listen to the videos, my computer is doing strange things, I'll have to stop back. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lately I've seen people sharing wall art from lots of different cities. It must be a trend that more places are allowing it and not considering it graffiti. - Margy

  8. Very cool street art! Love these photos
    Thanks for linking up at


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