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Verona Italy

May 2004 - Verona Italy

Rome 2004
Florence 2004

While staying in Florence, we took a side trip by train to Verona.

Verona is best known as the home of Romeo and Juliet.

The Arena, in Verona, Italy is an enormous, spectacular Roman amphitheatre, crumbling on the outside but still functioning today. It was erected in the 1st Century AD in an elliptical shape, and is the world's third-largest amphitheatre to survive from antiquity. Much of the outer ring was damaged during the earthquake of 1117 but the inner part is still intact and is used for opera performances in the summer.

We had lunch in its shadow!

This photo puts the size of these statues into perspective!!

These are the most popular tourist attractions in Verona. Juliet's house can be found at Via Cappello, 23. However, while the Capulet family did once live in Verona, it is doubtful that they ever lived in the house now designated to them.

There is a statue of Juliet in the courtyard and the house has been restored in line with the famous play. Romeo's house can be found on Arche Scaligere, 4 and this is believed to be the actual house where the Montagues lived.

This is rather a "tacky" place to visit as people are allowed to write love notes and stick them onto the walls with chewing gum. However it was an amusing diversion on our day out in Verona.

Piercing the sky high above Verona’s historic Piazza delle Erbe, the 12th-century Torre dei Lamberti is one of the most eye-catching landmarks in this UNESCO-listed city. Climb 84 meters (275 feet) to the panoramic terraces and belfry at the top for 360-degree views over Verona’s historic center.

Chiesa di San Fermo
The church was built in the 11th century, although the foundations are believed to date back to the 5th century. San Fermo church has both Roman and Gothic elements. Also, the church has two parts, an upper church, and lower church.

Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore

The most magnificent of all Verona’s churches, built in the 12th century and dedicated to the patron saint of Verona, Saint Zeno. The church is to be found in Piazza San Zeno.
The adjacent 14th century bell tower was mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

One of my favourite shots taken in Verona, after a rain storm.


  1. I never made it to Verona or Florence when my family went to Italy, thanks for the tour, (: 1st Century AD, I can't even wrap my head around that. The size of those statues is incredible, nice job on showing perspective.

  2. Nice photos, you captured Verona well... keep-up the good work..


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