Monday, April 1, 2019

Monday Mural

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March 2019 - Toronto ON

Sean Martindale

Created in 2013

Description: This monumental 32-storey mural - one of the tallest in the world - depicts a phoenix rising from the ashes and wrapping around the building to pay tribute to a previous fire in the building and promote a feeling of soaring and positivity.


  1. I agree with Tom, wow!! Fabulous tribute Jackie.

  2. Love the art - it makes passing the building so pleasant! #MMBC

  3. Wow! That is beautiful! It really brightens up the town!

  4. For Harry Potter fans the phoenix has a much bigger significance than in the rest of mythology. Dumbledore’s familiar animal is the phoenix Fawkes (as virtually everyone knows) and Fawkes appears at very significant times throughout the series, both books & films. So this is a doubly wonderful mural.

    best... mae at

  5. I really like this. It looks beautiful and has so much meaning behind it too. Thanks for sharing it. #MMBC

  6. Great pics of this one, Jackie.

  7. What a lovely splash of color.


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