Saturday, September 15, 2018

Toasting Marshmallows and Movie Popcorn

September 2018 - Toronto ON

September 2018 - Goderich ON


Six Word Saturday not my video but a great look at Toronto's art venues

Wouldn't you know it is the first cold Saturday and we are heading to my cousin's cottage three hours away in Goderich, on Lake Ontario. No worries we dress for success and warmth.

We were meeting my cousin and her wife in Goderich so we wandered while we waited.

The town was founded by John Galt and William "Tiger" Dunlop of the Canada Company in 1827. First laid out in 1828, the town is named after Frederick John Robinson, 1st Viscount Goderich, who was British prime minister at the time.

John Galt (2 May 1779 – 11 April 1839) was a Scottish novelist, entrepreneur, and political and social commentator. Because he was the first novelist to deal with issues of the Industrial Revolution, he has been called the first political novelist in the English language.

William Dunlop (19 November 1792 – 29 June 1848) also known as Tiger Dunlop was an army officer, surgeon, Canada Company official, author, justice of the peace, militia officer, politician, and office holder.

Goderich's downtown has an octagonal traffic circle known as 'The Square'. The county courthouse stands in the middle of The Square. This is where, in 1959, Steven Truscott was convicted of murdering Lynne Harper. The conviction was overturned in 2007.
The Square was designed and developed between 1840 and the mid 1890s and in its early days, contained the main office of the Canada Company which helped to develop much of the county. The design of the square - a "radial composition" - is attributed to John Galt of the Company, inspired by ancient Roman city plans. Over the years it was called "Market Square", “The Square” or “Courthouse Square” by locals. The original courthouse was located here but was destroyed in a fire and replaced by a modern structure in the 1950s, seen above.

We then went for a delicious lunch in the old train station. John even had a grilled cheese served on gluten free Red Cat Farm bread.

The one-and-half-storey red brick former railway station was constructed in 1907.  In 1988, the final CPR train departed the Goderich station and stopped on the bridge to blow its whistle for a final time.

Food was delicious with huge portions.

We then took a walk along the Goderich Waterfront Boardwalk which extends 1.5 km from the main beach at the mouth of the harbour to the Rotary Cove.

It offers a glimpse at the history of the harbour through the Marine Heritage Walking Tour.

The Goderich lighthouse, the first on the Canadian side of Lake Huron, opened in 1847 with a tower and the keeper's house. After the 1913 storm it was remodeled. A severe storm on Lake Huron in November 1913 caused the loss of 19 ships and 244 lives. A great deal of wreckage floated to the Goderich area shore, The bodies of the sailors were identified and collected by a Lake Carriers' Association committee based at Goderich.

This incredible waterfront boardwalk stretches along three of the finest beaches in Huron County.

I/we were totally intrigued by the history of salt mining in Goderich. Who knew that the salt mining industry in Goderich is one of the oldest in Ontario. In 1866, petroleum exploration crews found a massive ancient salt deposit about 300 metres (980 feet) under the surface.

I'll do a separate post on the salt mining.

To the cottage for a relaxing and fun dinner with family and friends.

 It also involved a showing of the Bee Gees 1997 Las Vegas concert.

Inspired Sunday another gorgeous Montreal church
Shadow Shot Sunday
One Word Sunday
Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

A damp cool morning as we sat and chatted over coffee and a good breakfast of eggs, potatoes, sausages and bacon.

Early afternoon saw us packed on as the forecast called for heavy rain from the storm Gordon to roll in.

Chilly enough that we decided to make chili for dinner!

Foto Tunes Death Valley CA
Monday Mural Stratford ON

The rains continued putting a damper on any plans to go out.
We fulfilled some household obligations and then vegged out.

But a friend called and we went for coffee up in the club of our building and got all caught up on the gossip.


Rain had stopped and John headed to his first Spanish lesson.

After lunch we went to the movies the first time in months!


John had his weekly golf game and I wandered to King St. to see the Toronto International Film Festival or TIFF setup.

Spider Man was still here when I came back around.

Not very crowded after lunch on a workday.

My plants are much happier with the slightly cooler weather, although it is getting hot again.

Thursday Doors Bloor West Village

John was off to his Spanish class and I went to meet my BFF.

Curious about a sign in Union Station...

We stepped on to Front St. rather than going underground to the subway and came across this.

A very interesting history lesson that gave me a much greater appreciation of the name Vuitton! Here I was thinking when I saw his bags, oh yeah, just another designer bag...

Legendary fashion house Louis Vuitton is hosting a free exhibit in Union Station this month.
The Time Capsule Exhibition is a journey that revisits landmark innovations in technology and design through the history of the luxury house.

This free, pop up museum was so fascinating that I recommend it to everyone.

From there we headed to St. George subway station, grabbed lunch and took advantage of a 2 for 1 coupon I had for the Bata Shoe Museum.

I've been to the Bata Shoe Museum a couple of times a year over the last few years but the permanent displays never get tired, they change them up.

The temporary exhibits are always fascinating.
Fashion Victims
Flowers of Canada
Canadian Icons and Men in Heels

The BSM is excited to be the final and only North American venue to showcase this travelling exhibition MANOLO BLAHNIK: THE ART OF SHOES, a stunning retrospective by one of the world’s most influential figures within the fashion industry.

The shoes were stunning, lots of oohs and aahs from everyone.

More Manolo!

But the highlight for both of us for his artwork!

We then walked back to Union Station for our respective rides home.

The ROM, Royal Ontario Museum, as we strolled passed.

I tried a new recipe for dinner sweet and sour pork, Tired of the boneless pork chops we had frozen, I thought this was a good choice. It worked really well but took a lot of time to batter each piece and John suggested not bothering next time.
Served with rice, it was a keeper.

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Front St. on my way to St. Lawrence Market.

Some more movie posters from the Fairmont Royal York Hotel for TIFF.


This was a shirt in a shop window with movie posters for TIFF.

Still working and enjoying My Husband's Lies and Girl Unknown.

Also discovered a new bingeing indulgence on DailyMotion, The Split.

We ended the week by watching The Book Club, a fluffy "women of a certain age" movie. It could have had more substance, but a great group of actors.


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  1. Another fun filled interesting week. Thanks for sharing. Love the shoe museum

  2. What a great trip -- and yay for GF bread. My plants are also making a comeback now that the temperatures have moderated. THOSE SHOES! Wow what an exhibit; how cool that you got to see it. I felt the same way about The Book Club.

  3. My parents have been to Goderich on occasion. If I ever was there, I'd have been too young to remember.

  4. Beats going to work. The station is very unusual but perhaps not for Canada. I've never seen one like that before. My only experience with Bata was school shoes and clearly it does more than just those.

  5. I am looking forward to seeing The Book Club. Maybe tomorrow night.

  6. Another great week you had there Jackie! You have an amazing view from your balcony. That is so high up!

    And I love the artwork in the shoe museum, very quirky!

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. :)

  7. I had to think about it. Shame on me. Just about to mention to my partner about the visit to your cousin and her wife.

  8. Goderich looks like a fascinating place to visit. LOVE those shoes, too (though I can't see myself wearing any of them). I enjoyed all your photos.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  9. That Spider Man gets about almost as much as you do, Jackie! :) :) Thanks so much for the kind words and for joining me again.

  10. Looks like a great town to visit! The farmers market has me swooning.


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