Friday, August 25, 2017


August 2017 - Toronto ON

The Bata Shoe Museum has changed its window display to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary in a unique way.
This image is from their website as it shows the display.

This initiative was led by Lisa Boulatova with John Zhang and Liam Hall and the support of students in the Department of Architectural Science. This design draws upon the provincial flowers as a unifying element wrapping around the prominent window. Composed of an array of 3D printed shoes, the installation undulates beyond a subtle backdrop that has been evolving for the past few months.

British Columbia - Pacific Dogwood

Alberta - Wild Rose


  1. ...a shoe museum, who knew.

    1. Of course, Tom! John just rolled his eyes when I said I was going.

  2. Bata school shoes used to be the only shoe for children but I don't hear of the company here now. I wondered if it was Canadian but it seems not, with a humble beginning in Czech.


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