Saturday, January 6, 2018

Les Fèves au Lard

January 2018 - Toronto ON Week 01

Six Word Saturday

A cold snow on snow off kind of day with very cold temperatures again.

Perfect for making meatballs and spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner.

One Word Sunday
Inspired Sunday

Staying warm and cozy at home!



I made my trusty Betty Crocker sweet and sour meatballs  and cole slaw for New Year's Eve dinner which we had along with wings.

Photo Of The Year
Monday Mural
Foto Tunes

Another year is here! How did that happen???

Watched a few movies.
Dirty War
A Kind of Murder
American Pastoral
Brace For Impact
Complete Unknown


The jacket that John had bought last week had dropped in price and The Bay's policy is to match that price within seven days! WOO HOO $$$.

The rest of the day was spent doing chores.


We headed to Montreal to visit John's daughter and family. The roads were mainly dry and quiet.


We headed downtown as the temperatures were not too bad, but more cold is coming.

No real plans other than a mural, Monday!

Dirty car windows!

Le Mount Stephen still bears the stamp of Scottish-born businessman, Lord George Stephen. The exclusive neo-renaissance social club, founded in 1926 and to which he lent his name, has been carefully restored to its original opulent splendor. The unique façade or our distinguished boutique hotel sets the tone for an exceptional guest experience.
George Stephen played an important role in the history of Canada. He immigrated here in 1850 and eventually became one of the most powerful men in Canada’s clothing industry, as well as the President of the Bank of Montreal in 1876 and the first President of Canadian Pacific Railway. Lord Mount Stephen left his home to his sister and brother-in-law, Elsie and Robert Mieghen, and then retired in England where he lived until his death in 1922.

The mechanical windows have been a well-known tradition with Ogilvy and Montreal since 1947, since the first one was brought in from the Steiff Co. of Germany. More than 100 moveable parts, featuring handmade, animated stuffed animals involved in a variety of activities cover the entire corner window of St. Catherine and de la Montagne streets.

Street art outside some of the Museum of Fine Arts buildings.

The original Museum as I knew it.

Back in the car with the idea of going to Place des Arts when we see a new museum, Museum of Contemporary Art and there is a Leonard Cohen exhibit!!
We park $17 but it is inside.  We can reach the museum underground so we leave the coats, scarves, hats, gloves in the car.

Click here to visit the exhibit with us.

It was gone 2 PM and we were hungry so we walked underground to Complexe Desjardins to Mike's, one of my go-tos in Montreal for a Superstar sub: sliced steak, mozzarella cheese, capicollo, mushrooms, pepperoni, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, spices and herb-flavored olive oil.

Complexe Desjardins

Outdoor art as we drive back to hotel.

We headed to this gluten free local store to find the beer John had last night.

I also picked up some ready made graham cracker crusts, I usually make my own but these were the same price as a package of cracker crumbs.

This beer is very much like Guinness!

It started snowing heavily and John's daughter had a family pet emergency so we decided on room service for dinner.


The hotel is full this morning as 100 flights were cancelled in Montreal that were heading to the east coast of Canada and the US. More cancellations are expected today.

We bundled up, ventured out in freezing temperatures, car started and turned the corner. I took this photo before realizing that that flashing arrow was at the scene of a bad accident that blocked us getting onto the road into town. Turned around to try another way and decided it was just too slippery and dangerous with blowing snow. So we settled in for the afternoon at the hotel.

We had dinner in a delightful local restaurant, Bistro Grace, which had no trouble catering for 3  gluten free people!
Most of us had the steak frites, a burger and mac and cheese.
Service was fabulous as well.
Photo from their website.


Total 2017 - 86 books

Total 2018 -

Beneath The Skin - finished and I enjoyed it. Tina from Squirrel Head Manor
 reminded me that I hadn't read Nicci French in a long time so I borrowed several.
The Memory Game - started another French book.


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  1. I love looking at all your winter shots as I stay warm here in Florida! When I was young and living in New Jersey we had our fair share of blizzards and snow storms that frequently snowed us in for a day. My dad always made his homemade spaghetti sauce and we would eat spaghetti and meatballs on snow days.. it looks really cold - try to stay warm

  2. I just can't believe how coooooooolllllllddddd it's been lately. Worse for you by the lake, but still. Brrrr. Good for you for getting out to take photos. I've been hiding inside. :) Good job on noticing the jacket went on sale. I'm going to see if we can get that beer around here. One of my brothers is GF and I bet he'd like giving it a taste.

    1. Hi Beth, this beer is sold at this Montreal GF store. It is a special order and only made in Quebec. However there is a Mexican dark beer "Modelo Negra" which has less than 20 PPT, which I can get in Toronto and drink often. Also Modelo Especiale is a MExican ale that is GF, made with corn and rice. It is excellent.

  3. It's been quite awhile since I've been in Montreal. Beautiful shots!

  4. here in Auckland it only snows once lightly every 20 years or so - so your snow would be quite an experience for me! Cheers

  5. My brother told me we left Ottawa in the nick of time. That cold weather just looks miserable. It is the reason I am south of the 49th parallel. I hope the pet emergency turned out alright. The crack/light exhibit looks quite interesting. I hope you get some milder weather---stay safe driving.

  6. D'you know, if I was Canadian I might have to slit my throat, Jackie! Who can cope with weather like this? I have a step sister in Calgary. Good luck to her! :) On the other hand, I am having meatballs and pasta for tea. :) I sneaked a look at your sweet and sour recipe and I'm not sure it appeals so I'll have my Italian version with basil. Many thanks for your company.

  7. Great shots of the winter weather. Spaghetti does sound good but I'm not coming north to eat it!

  8. As always your post is so interesting - I would love to stand in front of an Ogilvy's window and see the mechanical spectacle. But wow, that super high totem pole by the museum of art is a wonder to look at - just the sheer height is just miraculous (can't imagine how the artist(s) did the upper parts. Thanks so much Jackie for showing the cold weather wonders to All Seasons! Have a grand week!

  9. Awesome photos! I do hope you stay warm!

  10. Brrrrr, probably the coldest I've experienced is in the low teens on a Farenheit scale, which is good enough for me. Cold weather is definitely good for movie watching. We've run out of ideas so I've made note of your list of movies to check out later, thank you much.

    Gluten-free beer that tastes like Guinness. Something to check out. Guinness in the cans in the U.S. doesn't taste as good as it before it became mass produced. Quality seems to always go down when things become popular. It ought not since the companies get more money. Ah, complain, complain. :-) Best to you.

  11. That is a beautiful sunset and yummy food on a snow day is definitely a good idea


  12. That opening GIF cracked me up. I love all the outdoor art. The weather I am happy to do without. Happy New Year!

  13. A great collection of photos! Have a great weekend! stay warm!

  14. Cold like that here in southeastern Alberta, too, and when we went up to Red Deer to visit daughters and grandchildren over the New Year's weekend, it got much, much colder. One daughter boiled some water, put it into a cup, went out to the back porch (without children, we and they watched from inside) and when she tossed the contents over the railing, the boiling water turned to ice, right before our eyes.
    It was a fun visit, and we didn't see anywhere near a quarter of what you saw. Good thing 'travels' is in the name of your blog!
    Happy 2018!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  15. I love seeing pictures of the snow, but I'm glad I don't have to be in the cold! Brrr!


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