Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bundling Up

January 2018 - Toronto ON Week 3

Six Word Saturday

Our usual relax, layabout weekend. We did some chores and then John had two football games along with reading. I am bingeing on The Affair.


Dinner - leftover stew and salad.

One Word Sunday
Shadow Shot Sunday
Inspired Sunday Rome

Very cold morning but it is warming up this week.
That is a water filtration across from us.

More football and I'm working on my 2017 recap. Please someone make me do this monthly this year!!!

Dinner - ham with mashed parsnip carrot potatoes and mushy peas.

Monday Mural
Foto Tunes

I was invited to attend a focus group on banking services so headed downtown for a two hour session, which I really enjoyed.

Then I baked a sweet potato bread from Against The Grain cookbook. This is the second time I've made it and it turned out really well this time!

The yeast proofed really well and the batter doubled easily.

It taste like a brown soda bread.

Martin Luther King Jr
Tuesday Treasures

I headed out to buy socks! and came back with a pair of boots, two tops and the socks!!

We went to the VIP Theatre to see The Post which we both loved.

Dinner - ham and eggs

Wondrous Words

We were lucky to have a gorgeous sunny day and temperatures of -7 C as we met friend and went to Niagara Falls with a stop in Niagara on the Lake for lunch at The Bistro.

I had these huge fish tacos and John had mussels with fries.

The Falls were spectacular! The mist from the falls has dressed the surrounding trees with lace.
Click here to see the Falls in the summer.

Dinner - pizza

Thursday Doors

Just a day of chores/errands and a mani-pedi for me!

Weekend Reflections
Weekend Roundup

We went to see The Darkest Hour and I definitely think Gary Oldman will/should get the Oscar!


Total 2018 - 5 YTD

I flipped through A Square Meal which chronicles American diets in the early 20th century.

For a change of pace I started The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox.



  1. I've seen the falls in winter and they really are SPECTACULAR. Go again in the spring if you haven't; it's pretty dramatic when things start to melt and huge, huge blocks of ice go crashing down.

    Love your new header photo. Great job on the bread. Love the book statue. And, yes, Square Meal was really interesting, but I totally get flipping through. I listened to it for a freelance assignment, so I couldn't skip. :)

  2. Your shots around the falls are incredible. I haven't seen the Post yet, but I have seen Darkest Hours, and the Oscar should go to Oldman. I did see Hostiles last night, which was a terrific film.

  3. Oh my it looks cold there. I once went to the falls in the winter. They are quite a site to see with the ice.

  4. The Falls surely do look spectacular, Jackie! I quite like the look of the fish tacos too!
    I won't be posting walks for a couple of weeks. I'll catch up when I'm back online. Thanks a lot :) :)

  5. I visited the falls years ago in the fall. Don't think I'd like the frozen winter but do love your photographs. I experienced the falls in winter and didn't get cold!

  6. oh my gosh, i love the affair...can't wait till the next season starts! beautiful snowy scenes...those mussels are making me crave some!

    1. I finished series 3 this weekend. Hoping for another season.

  7. Your photos of the falls and the sunset -- wowza! Sweet potato bread sounds wonderful. I have a bunch of yams, so I think I'll go search for some bread recipes.

  8. The glasses are a nice touch on that stack of books sculpture! Oh, those tacos make me hungry:) Love the iced lantern, and the Niagara always takes the crown. Loved with you going through your interesting week for All Seasons! Have a great week, Jackie:)

  9. Those pictures from the falls are stunning and those fish tacos look delicious


  10. I'm such a fan of fish tacos and those look incredible to me.


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