Saturday, January 13, 2018

Comfort Foods

January 2018 - Toronto ON Week 02


We were on the road home by 9 AM and we started out on snow-crusted roads but that soon changed when we got around Brockville. The roads were dry and clear.

John asked for oven fried chicken for dinner with roast potatoes and Brussel sprouts.

Shadow Shot Sunday
Inspired Sunday

Other than a quick run for some errands we both relaxed.

You can see it is still cold.

Dinner was clean out the fridge chicken sausage stew with turnips, green peppers and carrots with rice that was in the freezer.

Monday Mural
Foto Tunes

I snapped these as I walked through Union Station.

The Great Hall in Union is coming along finally! There is still some construction on the left. Downstairs is total chaos. York concourse is moving along as well.

It was a girls' lunch out with my BFF and we nattered away happily all afternoon.

Last night's dinner served as leftovers.

Tuesday Treasures

We went to Home Depot to check out flooring and then went to La-Z- Boy with the intention of just checking out their sofas and chairs. We then decided to select and buy a sofa and chair!!

It takes 6-8 weeks so we said early March is fine. The couch is in the solid red and chair and cushions in the stripe.
Now to get rid of the old one!

Massaman curry in the slow cooker was my first new recipe of 2018. I also made onion bhajis. I am so glad the bhajis were good as that curry recipe was the worst ever, I even threw the leftovers out!  I used coconut cream as it was listed, I usually use coconut milk in a curry. The cream seemed to make it so sweet. We both disliked it.


It was a balmy 2 C so we headed downtown for lunch.

That blue sky soon disappeared as we had lunch at Z-Teca, a Mexican fast food place.

Can you believe that we have never been to Harbourfront in the winter? We've lived in Toronto 27 years but have spent the last five winters away.

Dinner - ground beef stew.

Thursday Doors

Another balmy day, it goes to 12 C!

John did some errands and I got my hair cut.

Dinner - roast pork, mashed parsnip carrot potatoes and broccoli.

Weekend Roundup
Weekend Reflections

Oh joy! The fire alarm goes off at 4 AM, turned out to be a false alarm on B1 level.

The weather was too good to be true. It started raining last night and this was the commute for some people this morning. Picture from CBC.CA.

It was 3 C when we walked out to do an errand. It was very windy and snowy rain.

But all good things must come to an end, by mid-afternoon it was -4 C and by 5 PM it was -7 C.

Dinner - steak with baked potato and sauteed cabbage and onions.


Total 2017 - 86 books

Total 2018 - 4 YTD

The Memory Game - finished another French book.

I'm on a roll with Nicci French and also finished Friday On My Mind.

Waiting for Wednesday again French, was also a good read even though I am reading them out of order.

For a change of pace I started The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox.



  1. I have those days of the week Nicci French books -- I guess I should read them.

    Sooooo crazy cold, then almost balmy, now back to ice and snow. Just pick a season and stay there!

    Bummer on the curry. Oddly enough I had one of those rare fails this week too: it was sheet pan salmon and veggie recipe that sounded great but the spice rub was off and the vegetables ended up tasting too fishy. Ugh.

  2. Oh my, that does suck about the curry. I like coconut milk but I will now be forewarned about the coconut cream. Brrr, on this winter photos. It’s a beautiful sight yet I would be terrified to drive in it. It’s been many, many years since I lived in Pennsylvania and Michigan! I guess I am now officially a Floridian.

    I agree about the tomatoes, if I had a great homegrown one I would send it.

  3. The literary mugs are a neat sight.

    I've been at the Toronto harbour in winter, crossing on the ferry from the airport with ice floating about.

    It's been years since the Union Station project got started, and it's still going on?

    1. Yes, William, the saga continues at Union Station. But it is making progress...slowly! The canopies are going up outside to cover the entrances below street level. The restaurants and shops are opening. I would think the lower level of the York concourse should open soon.

  4. What a fabulous ceiling! Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  5. Such changeable weather, the snow does look beautiful - if you have nowhere you need to go that is!

  6. It looks very chilly but quite an adventure

  7. Am getting the idea it's cold there (understatement!!). It's a while ago that I saw a snowy freeway, brr.
    Your image with all the smoke rising in the industrial part is beautiful in its own way!
    Love the Eskimo art - the fish hanging to dry -lovely.
    The yellow parasols in the snow are humorous:)
    Thank you for sharing your snow experiences , and also thanks for your uplifting comment about my art last week:) Stay warm this week!

  8. Oh my, I can actually feel the cold looking at some of those pictures! Stay warm!

  9. If I lived in Toronto I would either have to fly south for winter or probably wouldn't come out till spring. Even spring isn't that warm either.

  10. No wonder they talk about Blue Monday, Jackie. That weather's enought to turn anyone blue. I keep telling myself Spring's on the way. :) :)

  11. I want some of that oven-fried chicken. I just bookmarked the recipe. Thanks.

  12. Loved your winter photos pair with comfort food of the day! The literary mugs are fabulous. I would love to have a few.



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