Friday, June 30, 2017

My Town Shootout

My Town Shootout

Jun 30: Around the house - What is your favorite thing to do or see around your home.

First of all, welcome!

Since we downsized in 2012, we have lived here, on the 27th floor. There are 46 floors and if you look really closely you will see the workers on a scaffold WAY up there at the top.
One of the great things about living here is having all the maintenance, work and repairs taken care of by someone else. 

We have a balcony, not every unit does.

We love to travel and then select one photo from a trip to frame.

Traveling means buying things like these cushion covers from Mexico.

Typical me, watching a show online and knitting.

A corner of our kitchen.

The spare room, office or den, which is not usually this tidy.

Our bedroom.

My reading corner.

And at the end of the day we are often treated to great sunsets.

Jul 7: Summer Drinks - Share with us your favorite summer drinks and beverages served in your town.


  1. It is very easy living and we have been in our, compared to yours, mini highrise (22 storey) since 2001. However, I don't think I could live without a balcony. We have the same silver lamp as you have in your reading corner.

  2. Nice place! Love the balcony shot.


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