Monday, June 26, 2017

Foto Tunes Part 5

Tom the backroads traveller hosts this weekly meme.

I just found part 5 in my drafts folder!

I was cleaning up files on my external hard drive, actually making the files more meaningful to save time looking for stuff!

So it seems in 2009 I did a 365 daily photo challenge. The month of May was song titles. They made me smile so I thought I would use them over here. That would mean 31 songs for Mondays. So I will do 5 a week.

We traveled to China for some of that May.

Part 1 May 1 -6
Part 2 May 7 - 12
Part 3 May 13 - 18
Part 4 - May 19 - 24
Part 5 - May 25 - 31

This was fun looking back!

25 - King Of The Road

Somewhere in Toronto

26 - Walk Like An Egyptian

Museum subway station Toronto

27 - Love A Rainy Night

King St. Toronto

28 - These Boots Are made for Walking

My boots on King St.

29 - Summer In The City

King St Toronto

30 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow - favourite version ever!!

Over our house

31 - Stop In The Name of Love

King St Toronto
It was obvious I was working on King St. in 2009!


  1. ...Jackie, and in no particular order my favorite have to be... Stop In The Name of Love, Summer In The City and Somewhere Over The Rainbow - my favorite version too!! Thanks so much for sharing again this, please stop back.

  2. A great and funny collection again, thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Germany


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