Monday, September 26, 2016

Moroccan Treasures

Tom hosts Tuesday's Treasures.

1980 and we take our second trip together to Morocco!! So glad John got my travel bug!

I am guessing we went in November and we stayed at Al Moggar for a $1,000 each flight and hotel.

We flew Royal Air Maroc from Montreal. Ahhh the 80s when flying was a pleasure. We even received menus.

Around the hotel. I googled it and it still exists but on a much grander scale.

I do wish I had done a travel diary back then. Never mind wishing the photos were digital, there would be so many more to tell the story.


I have always been drawn to fish markets.

In town.

We ate here several times and always say that if we were creating a perfect menu and could just flit back to places to eat the courses this place would represent the best carrot soup and omelets.

Souk El Had d'Agadir or market. I did buy a basket and we also bought a bag made from camel. When we got on the plane we couldn't figure out what the awful smell was, it was the camel bag.

Mucky day at the souks.

We had these for years!


  1. i really enjoy your throwback travel posts!

  2. That's a part of the world most people never see. Thanks for sharing!


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