Sunday, July 31, 2016

Foto Tunes

Tom the backroads traveller hosts Foto Tunes.

Various trips California Hawaii

You know how one thing leads to another? John was watching Ray Donovan and I heard this song playing in the background and it caught my attention so I googled it naturally!

Desperados Under the Eaves by Warren Zevon

I was sitting in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel

I was staring in my empty coffee cup
I was thinking that the gypsy wasn't lyin'
All the salty margaritas in Los Angeles
I'm gonna drink 'em up
And if California slides into the ocean

Like the mystics and statistics say it will
I predict this motel will be standing until I pay my bill
Don't the sun look angry through the trees

Don't the trees look like crucified thieves
Don't you feel like Desperados under the eaves
Heaven help the one who leaves
Still waking up in the mornings with shaking hands
And I'm trying to find a girl who understands me
But except in dreams you're never really free
Don't the sun look angry at me


  1. Jackie, neat stuff here, darn music was good back in the day! Thanks pairing these greta fotos with this tune. I hope to see you back soon.


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