Thursday, July 21, 2016

Brainstorm - Union Station area

Summer 2016 - Toronto ON

I'm continuing my Brain Project.
Union Station - 5 to date


Artist Karim Rashid prefers his thoughts to come out fluidly, candidly and in the moment. He believes technology is essential in the design process to create realistic visualizations, produce infinite, realistic variations and ensure perfection and authenticity. He also firmly believes drawing on paper – the instantaneous connection of mind to hand – to be the quintessential basis of the design process. Knowledge in the Brain is filled with his symbols and words, just like his own brain. Viewers can interpret the non-lingual symbols as they see fit. The beauty of abstraction will always be self-interpretation and higher spiritual meaning. The words are new phrases created by the artist that represent this last century.

Ekow Nimako’s lifelong joy/passion/obsession is building objects out of LEGO®. Beginning around the age of four, his fascination with robots, spaceships and anything related to futuristic modes of transportation led him to create his own toys using the bricks. Fast-forward twenty-something years and he is still making objects out of LEGO®, employing an invaluable education in visual arts, a sensitized world perspective, and a working/living space that is filled with more colourful, plastic bricks than comfortable furniture. Not surprisingly, his submission to The Brain Project is built from LEGO®.

As we move through life, certain moments stay with us. These memories develop into a layered patina of past experiences we draw from. For Lisa Santana and Kelvin Goddard, some of their best memories are from travelling to new places and returning to old ones. Each layer of Time Travel represents a significant place in their lives. The sculpture is divided into multiple planes, each with its own city map. Each map represents places Santana and Goddard have visited, loved or has left a lasting impression. As individual pieces, each map represents a singular moment. When stacked together to create the whole, they reflect the textured and complex nature of human experience.

During a weekend-long art project, celebrity guest artist Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West generously and graciously crafted an inspired design to help raise awareness and funds for brain health research, education and innovative programs at Baycrest Health Sciences. Their brain sculpture will help spark greater awareness on the importance of brain health among Kardashian’s legions of fans across the globe.

And a late-comer to the show that required another visit to find.

Jacqueline Poirier
The magnificence of the world is experienced through the gift of our senses. The brain provides the platform for making sense of what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch – all of which ultimately shape the way we perceive the world. The plate is most pragmatically conceptualized as a vessel for food, but it can also connect us through smell and taste with the person who prepared a mouth-watering delicacy. As fine art, it can please our sights and spark conversation. Heirloom china can evoke nostalgia. The plate provides nourishment for all of our senses and the brain is the foundation by which we create meaning out of these experiences. This is A Feast for the Senses.

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