Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Walk

May 2016 - Toronto ON

We visited the OCAD Ontario College of Art and Design during Doors Open.

The plaque beside it says:

INBOX, 2009

Designed originally as the entrance of the Onsite [at] OCAD U gallery, I had wanted this sculpture to:
Celebrate the creative diversity of OCAD U faculty and staff. To do this, I solicited small examples of artwork from anyone I encountered in the halls. While few people clearly understood my vision initially, all were more than willing to contribute to the project.

Reincorporate McCaul Street London Plain trees back into the university envelope. Unfortunately, several of these trees were removed to make way for construction to begin on OCAD University Sharp Centre for Design. With the help of Facilities Planning & Management, they were salvaged and reincorporated here.

The Sharp Centre for Design signified a landmark expansion of OCAD University allowing for an even more vibrant gathering of creativity. My goal was to replicate the shape of the new building using both the tree stumps and the donated objects and artwork.

—Gord Peteran

We were free to wander the five floors and we advised to take the stairs down to see the murals.

Click here to see the murals.

Some of the student art on display.

Ambiant is designed by environmental design students and responds to its environment, moving and vibrating as visitors walk beneath it.

 John, being artistic.

There are pulleys attached to power outlets that can be moved around.

Mural commemorating Canada's centennial.

A mural outside the OCAD done by Uber5000.

Here's a view of the AGO from the OCAD.

From here we went to the AGO for afternoon tea.  Click here for some deliciousness.

We then went to visit Song Dong's Communal Courtyard at the AGO.

Song Dong is a Beijing-based multidisciplinary artist and leading figure within the Chinese avant-garde. The work presented in Song Dong’s Communal Courtyardis part of the artist’s long-running series The Wisdom of the Poor and makes its Canadian debut at the AGO.

Wisdom of the Poor: Communal Courtyard is a gift from the Martin Z. Margulies Foundation, Miami and will remain in the AGO’s collection.

Transforming the AGO’s Signy Eaton Gallery into a series of snaking walkways and small rooms reminiscent of Beijing’s traditional communal living spaces, the exhibition Song Dong’s Communal Courtyard invites visitors to lose themselves inside a unique installation of 100 vintage Chinese wardrobe doors.


  1. What a great post today. You must have spent hours working on this. Thank you for your insight and photos. I feel almost as if I had been there.

  2. You definitely have diversity in today's walk. :) Many thanks for sharing, Jackie. Have a happy week!

  3. Marvelous architecture and installations here, Jackie. Our Doors Open went well this past weekend, though of course when you get past a hundred destinations, it's impossible to see everything!

  4. So many wonderful things to see and your photos captured them beautifully!

  5. I am always amazed at what I see as something most commonplace that an artist with 'an eye' can see the potential and make it into a most interesting piece of art. Great tour, Jackie!

  6. Oh, from the outside the building promises something special, and inside it seems to deliver in spades. I guess I could spend hours there.

  7. Ambiant could keep me fascinated for a while but my favourite installation is the 100 vintage Chinese wardrobe doors - I love that kind of thing.

  8. This place is so cool! "Ambiant" has to be my favorite piece. It looks fabulous under the light.

  9. I love openings like this and am always sad when I miss the once-a-year studio tours. This is incredible and diverse.

  10. This looks so interesting and varied. I love these kinds of studio tours. Thanks for the glimpse of what's happening in your area.

  11. I really like the Ambiant exhibit. It must have taken so much time to plan out and install, yet the concept seems so simple. The exterior stairs on the AGO are an intriguing architectural element.

  12. Oh, I remember the courtyard from when we were in Toronto! We loved it too.

  13. Your camera really helped bring the art to life for me. What an incredible collection!

  14. Your post was quite diverse, Jackie, and you managed to pull it together nicely. Thanks for sharing it on The Weekly Postcard. I imagine I would spend quite a bit of time among those Chinese wardrobes. I like vintage furniture.

  15. what a brilliant Monday walk . . . . . really enjoyed joining you on your intriguing stroll.

  16. Two fun spots to visit. Both intriguing in their own rights. I think the wardrobe display is a brilliant idea. People are so creative.

    Thanks for posting to Life Thru the Lens

  17. Different and quirky! I like it. Thank for linking up. #TPThursday


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