Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Photo Finds

1. Starts with Z
2. Week's Favorite
3. Today

The first two will be the same, except we’ll work our way through the alphabet. The second can be a favorite image or activity from the week. The third will be different each time.

June 2016 - Toronto ON

Starts with Z - Zinfandel wine.

Week's Favourite hibiscus on my balcony.

Today or in this case Monday. Closets are ripped out. Wall gone. Click here for BEFORE photos.

Ready for the scrap pile.

Wall gone.

Hall closet gutted.

Master bedroom plans.


  1. Fun game idea for a photo post! Love it!


  2. Lots like you have a lot of work ahead of you for the bedroom but at least it is started now. No going back!! Never hear of that wine but good one for the Z and I love the flower shot. I have published now so hope you will pop in so until next week, I hope you had a wonderful one.

  3. Oh my, the joy of plaster dust!

  4. Liking your "Z", Jackie. We have the Wanted label in our Kroger grocery stores here. That is a large remodel job, Wow!
    Did you recognize the Regents Park? We try to visit there when we go. This time we walked there from Oxford Square.

  5. A hot summer day and 'Z'infandel--that works.

  6. Jackie, Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  7. I can see why the wine was wanted after all the hard work of today. LOL The hibiscus is wonderful! Thanks so much for joining in. Have a great week!

  8. When I drink wine, it's often white zin.


  9. what an amount of work...wishing you luck with it

    Have a nice abcwednes-day / – week
    ♫ M e l d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


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