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Throwback Thursday Monday Walk - Puerto Vallarta

March 2016 - Puerto Vallarta Mexico

This will be our last walk around town as we have returned home. Here's how we spent our last week.

It is a nice town but there isn't any real historical buildings to view it is more a resort town unlike Mazatlan or the other especially lovely towns we visited on this trip such as Guadalajara, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende.

In case you missed our other walks around Puerto Vallarta you can click on the links below.

A walk downtown
Around town
Went to market

This was our last trip downtown on Monday.

I've shown these two sand sculptures before but the light was perfect today.

John, trying his luck at the Wishing Well. You can see the Aztec calendar to the left has been rebuilt.

New one in the works.

There was an environmental awareness fair going on with lots of things for the children to do.

Somebody's crabby today.

Love the rustiness of this fence.

John "caught" the cormorant on the Rio Cuale.

I found this guy very well camouflaged above our heads on the Rio Cuale bridge.

Typical souvenir shop on the other side of the bridge.

A mural catercorner to El Torito where we had dinner on Saturday night.

A turn up a different street on our way (eventually to John's despair) to lunch at another repeat joing, Los Muertos Brewery.

Shades of Guanajuato.

Odd, over an abandoned building, perhaps a club at one point?

Fabulous fabric shop I had to tell myself I didn't need any.

After a lunch of wings more exploring. A new (to us) church. We could see the tower from a distance but never associated it with a church.

Typical street sign.

Piggy soaking up some rays.

Bright and cheerful!

Lovely house sign with Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The town rises steeply from the ocean.

Laundry day?

Looking back towards the church we saw earlier.

This artist didn't mind us standing over his shoulder or taking photos. I will feature more on Monday Murals.

Back to the malecon but the photos are from a different angle.

Another street performer.

Click here to see the chair sculptures in Guadalajara done by the same artist.

This walk shows all the chairs on display in Puerto Vallarta.

It is actually illegal to advertise in US dollars in Mexico but most of the shops catering to tourists along the Malecon do.

Time to head back!


  1. Quite a mix of images- the pelicans are my favourite!

  2. Good time had by all :) :) I like the listening bench, Jackie. No private conversations doing on around there. Home sweet home and a few woollies, no doubt. Thanks for keeping us entertained these past few weeks.

  3. Looks like a lovely walk! I would like to stay in Puerto Vallarta for a couple of days and then, do some excursions from the city.

  4. What an amazing place! I would definitely enjoy to visit it, your photos have whetted my appetite for travel there.
    Thanks for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.

  5. Fantastic experience, you traveled us with you with the nice photos!! They say that what ultimately remains in man is travel and education. Thanks a lot for the post!


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