Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 12 Australia - Coober Pedy to William Creek

Thursday 5th March, 2015 - Coober Pedy to William Creek

A short driving day today. We check out after a quick breakfast.
Spotted when we stopped for water.

OOPS clock is off by an hour, we forgot to change it.

Approx 166 km / 2 hours

Italics are tour company description and are not our opinion by any means!!

Along the Oodnadatta Track, about halfway from Adelaide to Alice Springs lies the William Creek
Hotel, built in 1887 to service the railway line that traveled between the two towns. A roadhouse
and outback pub used as a main stopping point between Coober Pedy and Adelaide.

A slight traffic jam.

The William Creek Hotel is the only place to stay, eat or drink once you have left Coober Pedy. Think of it as one of this trip's unique outback experiences.

The William Creek Hotel Front Bar is the town’s meeting centre. It is the ONLY thing in town.

The historic restaurant situated behind the front bar provides a warm yet rustic feel built from old Ghan sleepers. Enjoy the warmth from the wood fire while you take in the old memorabilia and photos of yesteryear. Might be historic, but it could do with a good cleaning. And some lighting. All the food is deep fried and I am guessing frozen.

A two hour drive from Coober Pedy over a dirt road, it is touted as originally a support station for the Camel Drivers walking on the Overland Telegraph Line. Actually there is nothing here.

Looking up our reservation.

The building housing the pub and restaurant is rather quirky with lots of graffiti from previous visitors, and this is where we check in.
We are also told that they no longer have internet.

Our room wasn't ready so we sat and had a beer and a ham and cheese toastie.

Looks and sound charming? But in reality we are in a trailer, no charm no nothing.

We could have driven a few hours more to somewhere more interesting and added a day to Adelaide. Instead we spent the afternoon reading, writing and watching TV.

Really not sure what the agent’s idea was to add this to our itinerary. 

We walked over to the bar/restaurant for a drink before dinner.  A tour bus had deposited a group of about twenty guests.

The dining room is grubby and the food is all right but nothing to rave about.

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