Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 26 New Zealand - Queenstown

Thursday March 19 2015 - Queenstown

We have the day to ourselves.

We have the complimentary breakfast at the resort and then settle in for the morning. We did laundry, got ourselves packed, caught up on some blogging and other administrivia details like flight arrangements etc.

We are relaxing when John spots something out the window. Cameras ready!

Nope, not a shark...

We ate our Indian leftovers for lunch and then went out.

First stop a haircut. Seriously $70 to cut my hair? I spend under $20 at home, $6 in Singapore, $2 in Nicaragua. We both thought she had said $17 originally.

 So this is a famous burger joint Fergburger (check their site) people line up for hours. Would have liked to try it and our guide had told us to either phone in or order online, they will tell you exactly when it is ready and you can skip the lines. Nope, we didn't try.

Big gathering this weekend in Queenstown, the bikes were already arriving in town.

We try to decide what we want for dinner, it gets really tiring eating out two to three times a day. So we decide on Subway and pick them up on our way back to the condo.


  1. A shark sub is a very unexpected thing!

  2. Wonderful! I'd love to go. My daughter's just back from there - and did a stint working at Fergburger.


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