Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day 33 New Zealand to Los Angeles

March 26 2015 Auckland New Zealand

Finally a morning to sleep in and then we go across to Gloria Jean's for coffee.
Gorgeous sunny morning sitting in the shadow of the Sky Tower.

Practically sitting on the road, John asked me to let him know if anything was coming his way.

There are a lot more Maori here in Auckland.

We track Tim down and get a car for 6:30 PM for $35 to the airport.

We debate what we will do and then decide just to wander on our own.

 Cricket fever is rampant with New Zealand going to the finals.

I finally hav salt and pepper squid which I have wanted to try.

 It starts to rain and we grab a cab back to the hotel where we hang out until 4 PM, drop our luggage with the concierge and go to the casino bar to watch the cricket game, Australia and India.
Needless to say there are quite a few Indians in the bar.

 On our way to the airport.

 We are on the March 26 10:45 PM flight Air New Zealand from the International Terminal and arrive in LA on March 26 at 3 PM.

The wine in the lounge was terrible. But the cricket was on so John was happy. He's there in the mauve shirt.

Aboard, in my seat, watching Gone, Girl.

With my wine.

Salmon appetizer.

Pork belly sliders.

John, in front of me. Bed covers to far right.

Good night, all!

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  1. The sculpture from Middle Earth particularly appeals to me!


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