Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 4 -Copenhagen to Budapest

 Today we woke to a cloudy day,with no rush hour traffic. It felt like a holiday (even though Tuesday May 1 when we arrived was also a holiday). Sure enough it is a day of prayer. Must be nice two days of in one week. So DH went out and picked up breakfast and we decided to leave earlier for the airport since nothing was opened.

 A quick walk to Central Station, tickets to airport purchased at an automated machine and we boarded the 10:52 train for the fifteen minute ride. Such a great way to travel, the trains are every ten minutes, there is room in the cars for bikes.

We checked in, went through security where I enjoyed was subjected to a full body search by a guy. DH had his carryon opened.
Then we had a nice lunch - omelet and smoked salmon. DH did some shopping picking up some really nice shirts unlike anything available at home.

 Our plane, each one is named after a famous Norwegian.
I started this draft as we are in the air aboard Norwegian airlines using their free wifi. How amazing is that, being able to connect in the air. So few airlines provide this.

We had barely landed and our luggage was out and we were met by our driver with his Mercedes to take us to our hotel, the Corinthia. This is a majestic hotel recently purchased and refurbished by the Wyndham chain.
We were met by our guide, Kate.
This is a large hotel spread over a city block, our room was very far away from the elevators, we joked that we would have to leave fifteen minutes early to meet our group.

We checked in, and went to meet Kate who had offered a short guided tour at 5:30 of the area surrounding the hotel.
Franz Liszt

 Academy of Music
 So many buildings were destroyed during World War II that they are still rebuilding and re-gentrifying. This one shows the difference when a building is cleaned.

The Liszt Ferenc square is a large open area with many restaurants dotting the sidewalk. We selected Karma for dinner.

After dinner we strolled around the area.

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip, I love that the airline had wifi!


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