Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where we share new (to us) words that we’ve encountered in our reading and is hosted by Bermuda Onion.
I worked in the data processing business and recently worked on a project with a US banking client of ours.
It was interesting the different terminology that we used in our data centres (Canadian) centers (American). When they have to correct a cheque (Canadian) or check (American) that was keyed incorrectly by an operator they call it scrubbing, hence the operator is called a scrubber.

This made us Canadians of British/Irish background (or who are drawn to British/Irish books/movies/TV) laugh to ourselves.

In Britain, a promiscuous woman; in Ireland, a common or working class woman.

I have been in IT a long time and started out in a data centre as a summer job, and in the last 10 years worked for a company that provides outsourcing for data processing. As seen from the photos above the process has not really changed over the years.


  1. I will have to remember that to use on my friends. Scrubber.. lol.

    PS I'm American

  2. And on a conference call today with some Canadian co-workers I noticed that we have adopted the word now for when we make corrections!

  3. Well, now. "Scrubber" just brings a whole lot to mind as to the derogatory meaning and it makes me laugh. I think I'll adopt YOUR meaning. I'm just going to smile knowingly and use that word. I like it as much as asshat.

  4. Never heard of this word before, interesting.

  5. Oh! I am going to have FUN with this one! LOL!


  6. I can see why that made you laugh!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That made me giggle. I read a lot British lit and mysteries, so I well aware of the derogatory meaning.

    Here are my Words.

  8. Australians are well aware of the British meaning for scrubber too. You did very well to just laugh to yourself! Interesting post this week.


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