Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 Decluttering - Monthly Update

For the month of April I definitely hit more than my 1 item a day declutter goal.
There was a charity pick-up for Breast Cancer Research so we put out five bags.
I haven't even listed all lot of the stuff that got decluttered!

Charity/Give away
1 purple sweater to a friend
Some magazines to a friend
Lots of books to friends
Cookbook Mexican from Puerto Vallerta - my sister
1 vase - my sister
Tiny whisk
1 coffee mug
1 trivet
3 fridge magnets
4 towels - my sister
1 Titanic special edition DVD to a friend
2 cat dishes - too big for our little guy
Small embroidery
Cleaned out 3 drawers in sewing desk and made up a box of spools of threads and other sewing materials
2 office leather portfolios
5 golf trophies (hubby's)
1 magazine holder
1 basket
Some stationery items from combining two office boxes into one.
Christmas bags

The following went to the charity pick-up on April 9 (5 bags).
Green sweatshirt - I am finally parting with it.
Purple sweatshirt - some marks
1 pair black pants - very worn
11 of hubby's golf shirts
9 of hubby's winter sweaters
2 of hubby's shirts
10 of hubby's t-shirts
3 pairs of shorts - worn
1 pair of dress shoes - too tight
1 pair of flip flops
2 pairs hubby's winter boots
1 pair brown cords
1 pair green cords
1 blue winter sweater
2 green sweaters
1 black travel purse
1 pair brown pants - they are fluff collectors
Red sweater
1 pair beige sandals

4 pairs of underwear
3 season passes to museums - expired

2 cat food saver lids
3 trips to the recycling bin with boxes from basement
Some paper coasters
I entered some more recipes into my blog - My Recipe Box and threw out the paper versions.
Old box of opened crackers - gone stale
Roasting pan - damaged
Container of homemade bread crumbs from ages ago
2 old bottles of Diet Coke - gone flat
Moved coconut from large glass jar (recycled) to container from bread crumbs above
Almost empty can of Liquid Plumber
1 non-working night light
1 very old bra - but a favourite
2 used travel toothpastes
1 Empty tin that used to store onion soup mix which I no longer buy
1 empty glass jar for storage
Cleaned out sewing desk - threw out odd buttons, pins, etc.
Manual for a slide projector that we got rid of years ago
Bunches of pins from sewing drawer, loose threads, geometry set
2 t-shirt panels
Small box
2 Spanish travel books from 1999
A pile of city/state maps from our travels
3 film canisters
Minnie Mouse wall hanging - moved from garage sale items in April.
2 souvenir framed work certificates
2 work name plates

Old buns/burgers from freezer
Can of chip shop curry
Salmon from last year
An unidentified frozen package
Reduced 1 HUGE container of dry milk (for the breadmaker) to a small container.

Garage Sale:
Crock pot - slightly chipped but works fine. It was replaced with a shiny new one that I won in the Heart and Stroke lottery.

1 small heater
8 picture frames
1 framed Italian photo
3 Montreal prints
Cat lamp
2 -Spanish instruction CD sets
2 Umbra Contact shelves - never used

Basket - from combing batteries into one central container

X box - $50
Coffee Table
TV Stand
Black futon
Sewing machine table
Dining room set
Black wooden African women heads

Running total for garage sale (this not really updated)
Green leather bound binder with blank pages, a ruler and several pockets for holding items. I used to use it to record household measurements or pictures of things I liked for the house. I took all the relvant information and updated my House spreadsheet, took some photos of some pages (old house paint colours) and tore out pages.
One curtain rod
One shower rod
Two air purifiers
Two scarves
One gold basket
Four ceramic door knobs
One hanging space saver shelf
One wicker soap dispenser
One blue serving dish
Metal cutlery tray I was using in bathroom for makeup
2 space saver shelves (from cleaning out 2 shelves in the kitchen).
Beer mug
4 photo albums that I emptied wedding photos from - they will be scanned
Theatre programs 

London slides
Cribbage game
Small storage basket - blue
2 throws from front porch
10 books
Cat dish - too big for our little guy
1 cookbook - Road Grill a
3 small Chinese cookbooks

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