Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 Decluttering

I notice as I continue on this decluttering campaign that it gets easier and easier to just get rid of "stuff".

Charity/Give away
Denim blue sweater
Cream sweater
Favourite green sweatshirt
DH Moab blue shirt
DH beige sweater
DH blue sweatshirt
Book to a friend
Italy travel book also to a friend heading there in the fall
USB cable to a friend
4 pairs of socks
2 brand new bras that I don't like

Nail clipper
Phone case
Makeup case from my purse - replaced with an extra one I bought in China.
Three theatre programs with missing covers or of no value
While looking for the Italian book mentioned above I found a bunch of receipts from our trip.
Shelf liners from 2 kitchen shelves that I relined using shelf paper that I had already.
Hair product received at a TV taping
Facial product that has been sitting in the shower forever that I really don't like
Some old Windows 95 computer games
Plumbing stuff for clearing drains - has been in basement for about 10 years
Menu from our flight on Air Moroc to Morocco - remember when you actually got food and a menu??

Using up
Travel tooth pastes - the small ones that are used on one trip then we decide there's not enough for the next trip.
Shelf paper  - see above.
Several travel body lotions

Garage Sale
I am trying to decide if I should have a garage sale in the spring and at least make some money from items that I want to declutter. For now I am going to keep a running list of these items here until I make up my mind. If  I don't do a sale then they can go into the charity box.

This update:
Metal cutlery tray I was using in bathroom for makeup
2 space saver shelves (from cleaning out 2 shelves in the kitchen).
Beer mug
4 photo albums that I emptied wedding photos from - they will be scanned

Theatre programs

London slides
Cribbage game
Small storage basket - blue
2 throws from front porch
5 books
2 cookbooks - Road Grill and a Mexican one from Puerto Vallerta
Cat dish - too big for our little guy

Last update:
Green leather bound binder with blank pages, a ruler and several pockets for holding items. I used to use it to record household measurements or pictures of things I liked for the house. I took all the relvant information and updated my House spreadsheet, took some photos of some pages (old house paint colours) and tore out pages. 
One curtain rod
One shower rod
Minnie Mouse wall hanging
Two air purifiers
Two scarves
One gold basket
Two roasting pans
Four ceramic door knobs
One hanging space saver shelf
One wicker soap dispenser

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