Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Decluttering

I haven't posted recently but the 2012 purging and decluttering continues. I have been keeping a running recap in draft form but sadly with few photos. I will do better.
You can see more of my 2012 progress over here from January.

Embroidery thread to a friend's daughter who has taken up the hobby. Should the urge to embroider come over me again, I will just buy new thread.

Charity/Give away
Sweatshirt I washed it and decided I wasn't ready to part with it!
One pair of socks
One dishtowel
Two shell necklaces (free from Hilo Hattie's in Hawaii).
One pair old eyeglasses
Old phone holder
Blank notepads
Two pairs of cords
Two pairs of really warm mittens for a friend who will enjoy them when walking her dog.
One brand new winter sweater to a GF
Computer video camera to a friend
Unopened deck of cards
Blue dressing gown
One pair of DH's crocs abandoned in hotel in Nicaragua
One pair of DH's old bathing trunks

One old mop
Cleaned out old business cards and filing from computer desk. This is an ongoing activity around here.
Two ceramic ornaments - chipped
NY Pass Guide from our July trip
iPad handbook
2 Lipstick
Travel eye concealer
Old compact
Two wart kits
Mattress cover - it has seen better days
Old can of leather protector

Using up
Cleaned out the bathroom closet
These are the multiples of various items that need to be used up, thrown out and not replaced.
So far, three opened bottles of body cream have been finished
One jar of face cream
Combined two open bottles of the same item.
Cologne bought on impulse, will be used as air spray.

Garage Sale
I am trying to decide if I should have a garage sale in the spring and at least make some money of some other stuff that I want to declutter. For now I am going to keep a running list of these items here until I make up my mind. If I don't do a sale then they can go into the charity box.
Green leather bound binder with blank pages, a ruler and several pockets for holding items. I used to use it to record household measurements or pictures of things I liked for the house. I took all the relvant information and updated my House spreadsheet, took some photos of some pages (old house paint colours) and tore out pages.

One curtain rod
One shower rod
Minnie Mouse wall hanging
Two air purifiers
Two scarves
One gold basket
Two roasting pans
Four ceramic door knobs
One hanging space saver shelf
One wicker soap dispenser

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