Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scottsdale AZ

Sep 19 AC to Phoenix – uneventful flight. Sky Harbor Airport, nice and efficient. Very hot!

20 minute drive to condo next door to the Princess – home of the Phoenix Open.

Went to Carlos O’Brien’s while waiting for the room and then did groceries at Safeway.

Went for swim. Recd “welcome gift’ ½ bottle of champagne and cider. Signed up for “orientation” (read timeshare sell) and received bonus week. Also booked Grand Canyon tour for Tuesday.

Went to Rawhide – a western village. Very nice set-up with shops and lots for little kids to do – train, hayride, burro rides. Shoot-outs in the street. Fireworks. Large restaurant serving rattlesnake and buffalo. We had ribs.

Sunday – Temp is 95 degrees. Worked out and then lay by the pool. Drove to Carefree (founded by Dick Van Dyke, Johnnie Carson lives there) and saw Boulders golf course, private and beautiful grounds. Huge boulders and mountain homes built into them in the same colour as the rocks.

Drove around Camelback Rd. and the mountain does look like a camel’s back. Went into the Phoenician Resort – very opulent.

Went into the Princess and had onion rings and beer at The Grill.

Went to Scottsdale Old Town for dinner. Everything was closed, but will go back as there were lots of shops. Ate at TGIF.

Monday – watched live coverage of Clinton’s grand jury videotape.

Drove to “In Celebration of Golf” had absolutely everything with a golf theme. Then to Pro Golf on Shea. Then to Nevada Bob’s and bought a straw hat! Then we went and hit golf balls at Crackerjax.

Tuesday off to the Grand Canyon is at 7000 feet above sea level while Scottsdale is at 1300 feet. Temperate at 6AM is 71 degrees. $107 and returned at 9:30PM.

Saguaro cactus – doesn’t get arms until it is 50-60 years old. Holes are cut by woodpeckers for nests. Weigh 20,000 pounds.

Teddy Bear cactus are the most dangerous, need pliers to remove the needles.

Cave Creek – Michael Jordon lives there.

Scottsdale is 1300 feet above sea level, Grand Canyon is 7000 feet.

Lunch at Navajo Reservation in Cameron. Had Navajo stew and John had the Navaho Taco-excellent.

Dinner was at Bo’s near Calvary Trading Post.

Movies featuring the Grand Canyon:

Easy Rider

Bonnie and Clyde

National Lampoon vacation – hotel used is El Tovar in Grand Canyon

Thelma and Louise

Signs seen:

Guns R Us

Near Federal prison on highway – Do not stop for Hitchhikers

Wednesday – visited Marriott Camelback Inn and the Biltmore which was built in 1929 and reflects the glamorous style of that time.

Drove into downtown Phoenix,, which was very quiet considering it was a week day. Beautiful church St. Mary’s and many sports stadiums. Had a beer and great potato skins at Seamus Mc Caffrey’s.

John played golf at TPC Scottsdale Princess.

Thursday – Breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then drove to Tombstone along scenic highway 83 and 82. Stopped for gas in Sonoita, which is 4,920 feet above sea level.

Looked around Tombstone – Boothill Graveyard (quite tacky) O.K. Corral. Had lunch at Big Nose Kate's.

Drove on the “Old Tucson” movie set then back to Scottsdale and had dinner at Pinnacle Peak Park.

Friday – John golfed at Kierland Mesquite Ironhead. Then just did some down time at the pool.

Went into Scottsdale “Old Town” for dinner at the Lone Star. Most shops were closed.

Left Saturday at 11:00 to head to Palm Springs which is 782 miles. Had breakfast at the Hearty Hen (Mercer and Scottsdale), which was fantastic.

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