Friday, April 30, 2010

For My Aunt - The Alzhheimer Prayer

My aunt has just been moved into a long care facility and my cousin and uncle are having a hard time. It was her first night sleeping there and he had to tell her that she was staying there and she said "I want to go home". But he just can't cope any more, it is just too hard on him. My cousin lives 400 miles away and has her own family and job so she plans on moving them both here so that at least she can visit more often. Her little daughter makes my aunt's face light up so it will be good for her.
My cousin had posted this prayer (writer unknown to us) on her Facebook a while ago and I thought it was so touching and apt.

The Alzheimer Prayer

Please grant my visitors tolerance for my confusion,
Forgiveness for my irrationality and the strength
To walk with me into the mist of memory
My world has become.

Please let them take my hand and stay awhile,
Even though I seem unaware of their presence.

Help them to know how their strength
And loving care will drift slowly
Into the days to come just when I need it most.

Let them know when I don't recognize them
That I will. . . I will.
Keep their hearts free from sorrow for me,
For my sorrow, when it comes,
Only lasts a moment, then it's gone.

And finally, please let them know,
How very much their visits mean,
How even through this relentless mystery,
I can still feel their love.



  1. That made me cry. How beautiful. May I post it on my blog on Sunday with a link back to yours?

  2. Absolutely, please do, Eva. It makes me cry every time as well!
    She is such a sweet lady and spoilt me rotten growing up that it is very hard for me to see her like this.

  3. That is a prayer. Wishing your family the best, under the circumstances.

  4. Jake, I love your photos - and the prayer is so heartbreaking. What a wonderful reminder for all of us if we ever start to become impatient with someone. I know I have at times, and I'm kicking myself for it after reading this poem. Thanks.

  5. This is very touching (I came over from Eva's blog). Wishing your family peace and comfort during this time of transition.


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