Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recipes to Try - Beef

New items will be added to the top of the post.

Greek Beef Stew made in a crockpot

Autumn Veal Stew

Mini meat loaves

Korean Beef Rice Bowl

Mahogany Beef Stew with Red Wine and Hoisin Sauce found the link for this over at Katy's blog.

hoisin cashew beef in lettuce wraps

beef stew booster

Mongolian Beef

Bulgogi traditional korean bbq beef


  1. Since being sick, I've become pretty finicky about eating beef; I just can't bear it. Ole Sweetie-Pi would eat it every night if I let him. I bookmarked the Mongolian Beef recipe; I'll make it for him, but will have cold cereal or something for myself that night. I'm really nice to him like that, smiles.

  2. I think I would eat beef every night too, but don't. Mind you I don't eat large portions at any time.
    P.S. I would do it for my hubby too!


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