Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I had an urge for a good, old-fashioned garden salad the other day so headed to the grocery store (the one in ManualLife building) since it is on the subway line. At this time of year finding a decent tomato is almost hopeless unless you buy the cherry or cocktail ones. There were yellow and red varieties and then I spotted a Kumato. This is a brown tomato and you can check out the details at their website. There is a grower in the Kingston area featured in this article and this one.
We really enjoyed these tomatoes. They were tasty, firm and juicy. I packed one in my salad for work the next day and remembered to get a picture.


  1. Mr. Nag came home with some of these today. Heaven knows where he got them but they're very good.

  2. This is so neat! I just visited their website and now I want to try one. I love tomatoes, but one that's sweeter, well, now I really really one one. I bet it would make a terrific fresh tomato sauce. YUMMMM. Wonder if we can buy the seeds here...I'll have to look. Course we don't have the climate of Spain....

  3. But they grow them in Canada and you have the same climate!


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