Saturday, September 16, 2023

Coffee, Tea and Spice

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September 2023 - Toronto ON

August 2023 - Whitehorse Yukon

Another very quiet week for us. John bottled his wine. He golfed and had a lesson. We went for mani-pedis. I got a haircut and spent some time roaming. I added to John's depleting Scotch supply. I repotted some plants.
The plumber came and replaced the gasket, saying he hoped that was the problem (cheaper) and not a bigger problem ($$$), like a leak. I am to keep him updated. These toilets are now grandfathered in our building. 
John completed his paperwork for his passport renewal, he still has to get the photos done.

These stupid news (???) stories annoy me. Family loses $7K Europe trip due to passport issues. They claim they travel every year and they didn't think to renew their passports!

I saw some very interesting sushi in a new store in Union Station. 
Kibo is a Canadian sushi chain brand offering high-quality, accessible selections of sushi and other Japanese food choices. We derived our name from the Japanese interpretation of “hope” (“希望” kibō), inspired by the power of sushi to nourish, to uplift, and to bring people together.

I did bake a delicious banana cranberry cheese cake which we had for breakfast.

While out I saw this group (6-7) of young Mennonite men, all in blue jeans, various plaid shirts, suspenders, hats and no phones!!!

Another sight I've seen recently is a older woman (grandmother?) young woman and two babies in a stroller. They have been begging around Union Station. Beggars are not unusual around here. But these look like travellers or the more pejorative term gypsies that I have only seen in Europe.


We need to use up some stuff in the freezers.

Saturday spaghetti  and meatballs - the frozen ones. I'm not a huge fan.

Sunday hamburger patty, gravy, mashed potatoes, peas for me and corn for John

Monday wings and fries

Tuesday broccoli and mushroom quiche and salad

Wednesday leftover quiche with cheese biscuits

Thursday pork belly bites with salad

Friday steak, baked potato and broccoli.


WOO HOO season 13 of Great British Bake Off is streaming on CBC Gem! I have to wait to watch the final as CBC has it locked for Premium i.e. you have to pay for it. I can wait.


Perfect Crime didn't grab me although it was a good storyline.

The Downstairs Neighbor definitely had my attention! I couldn't see where this was going!!

I tried getting into Truth and Other Lies but it just started too slowly and I couldn't like the main character, although her mother is even worse. I don't need/want any ultra-conservative characters.

I started  Paper Money. It's been years since I read Ken Follett (before the Internet). 


  1. While I agree with what you say, I would have expected the airline to pick up the date problem. I expect this might be a frequent problem but I also remember seeing warnings about passport validity when booking online. If frequent travellers, it hard to believe they didn't know about passport validity.

  2. Our local Mennonites all have smart phones.
    Coffee is on, and stay safe.

  3. I renewed my passport last year for a ten year run.


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