Sunday, October 2, 2022

Day 28 Sydney NS to Halifax NS Day 29 Halifax NS

Oct 1 2022 - Halifax NS

We headed to Halifax this morning.

It was longer than planned as we went looking for somewhere interesting for lunch with no success.

WHYCOCOMAGH The name derives from the Mi'kmaq language and relates to being near the water. In Gaelic it was called Hogamagh.

We'koqma'q (Waycobah) First Nation is composed of two Mi'kmaq Indian reserves.

From 1821 onward the town was known as Antigonish. The name derives from the Micmac Articougnesche ("where the bears tear branches off trees"). In 1855 St Francis Xavier University was relocated to the town.

Click here our longer visit to Antigonish in 2013.

Antigonish was in the path of Hurricane Fiona and many trees were down. Also most parks and playgrounds were closed due to downed trees.

Our previous stay in Truro is also in the above link.

So dirty!

No photos of driving into Halifax. The GPS was confused as the Macdonald Bridge was closed due to Hurricane Fiona and I used my phone for directions to our hotel.

Oct 2 2022 Halifax NS

We didn't do much on Sunday. It was a grey blustery day, we just took a quick walk for supplies and then decided to stay in veg for a day.
Despite the time of year there are a lot of tourists in town. The double decker tour bus company went by the hotel several times today.

There is no shortage of restaurants and pubs in the city, although you may have to walk up some very steep streets to reach them.

That is John bundled up in his toque in the right hand corner.

The Bank of Nova Scotia building was built in 1931 to serve as the main branch for the organization in Canada.

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