Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge

Dutch's subtitle to this challenge was Trains, trams and buses!

Last year I did a A-Z challenge that focused on our TTC or Toronto Transit System highlighting some of our more decorative subway stations.
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Here's a subway map.
From day one, the TTC has mostly stuck to its policy of naming its stations after roads, excluding avenue, road, and other suffixes, or landmarks artfully distilled into a single word: Museum, Osgoode, Union for examples.

First off, my favourite station to take visitors to, Museum Station, so named as it is beside the Royal Ontario Museum ROM.

Eglinton West - The station's artwork, on two enamel murals facing each other, is Summertime Streetcar by Gerald Zeldin, which depicts the exterior of a PCC streetcar from differing distances and perspectives.

Dupont Station The main artwork in the station consists of murals designed by James Sutherland, entitled Spadina Summer Under All Seasons. Using thousands of pieces of glass, colourful mosaics of flowers were created directly into the station’s tiling. Two large mosaics of a giant flower in cross-section face each other across the tracks, reaching upward into a mezzanine level lined with smaller flower mosaics.


  1. Museum Station is quite a sight.

    When I was in Toronto back in July I photographed some of the art in a station just north of the Eaton Centre.

    1. I'm going to guess it was College Station, with the murals of the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  2. While we have some lovely historic and well preserved old stations, I can't think of one newer one that is anything else but functional. Nice work Toronto. Four underground stations will open here over the next few years and I hope some effort is made.

    1. We do have some amazing stations. If you google TTC art you can find them. We have some stations under renovation at the moment and there are plans to include art in them.

  3. Wow, those stations will entertain you.


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