Friday, February 17, 2017

Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort

February 2017 - Mazatlan Mexico

We went to a timeshare presentation this week. We didn't and had no intention of buying. We were curious about the resort, it is a sister resort to where we are staying. We went for the "gift" of $200 US.

We'll admit, it was a good deal for anyone who wants to comes to Mexico every year as they only own 6 resorts in Mazatlan and Cabos. The price was good and it is a well-structured program.

The property is gorgeous but it is totally isolated. There is a shuttle bus to take you to our resort and then you can taxi or bus it into town. There are no restaurants other than the resort. The beach is private, no boats and no vendors.

We prefer to feel the vibe of a town and wander around.

I just wanted to share some photos I took while we toured.

Junior Suite

Master Suite - decorations on bed are done with coloured stones.

Penthouse suite

Villa - comes with a chef and bellboys will do your groceries, now that is tempting!

Your own lap pool with BBQ. They are building an 18 hole golf course and the patios will be screened in.


  1. As timeshare owners, we have been to many presentations, seen many condos etc., must admit that this is one of the luxury ones and prices were in US, Canadian or Mexican depending on where you live. Would have definitely considered buying if seen many years ago. The options, amenities etc were incredible.


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