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February 2017 - Mazatlan Mexico

Bill and Carol picked us up for breakfast and we headed to the Culinary Market, a bakery and restaurant downtown. It is always packed and it was easy to see why. Everything was delicious.

John took a couple of photos of the bakers.

After fortification we went our separate ways, Bill to take his quiche home and I was going for a pedicure at Tippy Toes. They were busy so we went into the Archaeological Museum.
We had planned to do this later in the day so it was part of our agenda.

Mazatlan Archaeological Museum was opened in 1989 , in a building of the late nineteenth century.

It provides a sample of pre-Hispanic culture of the region , through archaeological remains , with emphasis on burial customs and ancient ball game known as ulama.

The petroglyphs outside the museum are very similar to those found at the wave-pounded volcanic rock of Las Labradas not far north of Mazatlán. The Las Labradas inscriptions may have been carved as early as 300 BC, attesting to the lengthy human occupation of the area.Click here for our 2014 visit to Las Labradas.

For centuries the Totorames used coffins of straw, or sometimes no coffin at all, in their burials. Gradually, they adopted a post-mortem ritual that involved cleaning the soft tissues from the bones, dismembering the body, and then placing it inside a large funeral urn. The larger bones would be placed in the urn first, with the skull on top. Sometimes, an urn might contain the bones of several family members as you can see above. The ritual was meant to portray a return to the womb of the Earth-Mother, the goddess of agriculture worshiped in the Sinaloa area.

john went for a stroll while I had a pedicure.

Fernando Teodoro Valades Lejarza, composer, pianist and Mexican singer, best known as Fernando Valadés, born on April 1, 1920 in the beautiful port of Mazatlan. His career began in the late 50′s reaching its climax in the 60′s, whose success took him across Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean and United States. Composer of over 200 songs, gold record winner and 13 discs, dies of a heart attack in December of 1979 after a depression.

Better known merely as Pedro Infante, this bronze life-sized sculpture depicts the Mexican actor astride a motorcycle and dressed as a police officer. It is located along the malecon overlooking the beach from a high bluff. From a distance, the work appears to be an actual officer waiting for an errant driver. The work is inspired by Infante's role in the movie A Toda Máquina.

A mermaid.

Swimming pool on the side of the ocean.

John went back and got this photo of the doors on the weird Italian house 

Carnaval entrance, the barricades are already in place on many streets in the area.

Another historic government building that would look lovely if it was restored to its natural beauty.

Pedicure finished we walk across the street to the tiny Art Museum, free to enter.

A gorgeous mural.

This plaque is on the facade of a building which has been gutted on Sixto Osuna.
The plaque reads:

"Mazatlan es como las Islas del Mar del Sur:
remoto, suave y sensual.
Me imagino yendo al medio del Pacifico, a morir.

D.H. Lawrence
Eastwood, Inglaterra 11 de Septiembre de 1885
-Venve, Francia, 2 de Marzo de 1930

The D.H. Lawrence Society, Nottingham, Inglaterra
Octubre 2008"

which translated means:

"Mazatlan is like the South Sea Islands:
remote, soft and sensual.
I imagine going to the middle of the Pacific, to die.

D.H. Lawrence
Eastwood, England September 11, 1885
-Vence, France, March 2, 1930

The D.H. Lawrence Society, Nottingham, England
October 2008"

Unfortunately the plaque and an internet search do not reveal the source of the quote. The dates and places represent Lawrence's birth and death.

We find the quilt store Carol was telling us about.

This is why you must always watch your step!! There are steps everywhere, never mind the holes randomly set or the manholes with metal handles that you can catch your shoe under.

Time to sit and watch the plaza. Me with a beer with lots of lime juice, salt and ice and John with a margarita.

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  1. ...I see that you are having another rough day in paradise...enjoy!

  2. I would thoroughly enjoy the archaeology museum.

  3. I had not heard of this town before so I enjoyed looking round with you. Love the art, culture and history you found in this town by the sea.

  4. I have been to Mazatlan before but only for a day at a time (cruise ship port). I did not know about the archaeological museum. They had some interesting burial rituals.

  5. Easy to see why you're hanging around, Jackie! Love the sculpture! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. So much interesting things to see here, Jackie! Of course the museum Archeological as well as the art are on the top of my list:) Did not know they quilt there too! You sound like you are at home there. thinking about retiring there? (a rethorical question, don't answer that one:) ) Many thanks for linking up these wonderful and right experiences here at Mazatlan with SEASONS! Have a happy week!

  7. What a great place for interesting stuff! All the different things are so fascinating. I'd spend lots of time there if I could. Amazing photos.

  8. I love getting to enjoy your travels through your photos!

  9. Those sculptures are very cool (the ones by the sea)

  10. All the colour in the buildings is wonderful, as is finding somewhere other than London with a free museum. #citytripping

  11. Wonderful variety of beautiful photos of your travels ~ looks like a gorgeous and fun place to go ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  12. I had no idea DH Lawrence died in Mexico. Looks like a fabulous trip - thanks for sharing on #farawayfiles

  13. Enjoyed the cyber tour of your travels. Lovely photographs.

  14. Oh gosh, I wouldn't have liked to have been the person who had to dismember the bodies to fit them in those urns.#FarawayFiles

  15. It's been a long time since I've been in Mexico. This looks like a fab town to spend some time. I love the "piano man", and the archeological museum is right up my alley. Thanks for linking up this week. #TPThursday

  16. What a great city! Love that you can watch the baker in action!

  17. Nice to learn more about Mazatlan! I am into history, so, I am interested in the archaeological museum. Mexico has many indigenous groups and to me it is interesting to learn more about them. #TPThursday

  18. So many wonderful things to see here. The archaeological museum looks fascinating and love the sculptures... especially the piano man and the bike rider.

  19. Interesting to read about the death rituals at the museum and I like the sculptures along the beach which looks beautiful (and quiet). Thanks for linking #citytripping

  20. Love the sculptures, especially the Mermaid. Thanks for linking up.


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